Our Botanical garden is the pride of the botanical science of Kazakhstan!


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Today, on June 15, the Main Botanical garden of Almaty was opened to the public after restoration. How many citizens came to support and thank the botanists of the Institute of botany and phytointroduction of the MES RK! It is felt that our colleagues have put all their heart into this matter. Our Botanical garden is the pride of the botanical science of Kazakhstan. We are well aware of many expositions! These are expositions: «Medicinal plants», «Rare and endangered plants», «Dendrology of the north and south America», «East Asia», greenhouse, etc. Well-known scientists, florists and resource specialists, dendrologists and phytopathologists work in the garden. Colleagues, the botanists of al-Farabi KazNU congratulate you on this event.

            In the Botanical garden there is a rich material for theses and master's theses. In the shade of the majestic trees, I was able to check out my student's herbarium, which was collected this spring. At this time, we were approached by adult citizens and watched our work with interest. We were asked to give an interview by journalists and a bloggers of «Khabar». The day was very rich and memorable!

Professor Nazarbekova S.T.

Chair of biodiversity and bioresources