«International student festival»


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The International student festival that organized by al-Farabi KazNU approached to the end.

         Several hours of rehearsals, controversy, discussions and worries are left behind.

         1-st year undergraduate students from “Sunny”-Turkmenistan had represented our Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology. They have subdued all viewers and guests of the University with their amazing talents, intelligence and gumption. In addition, they have performed impressive, full of mystery and flame ancient folk dance «Kushtdepti». Experiencing the increasing rhythm it was impossible to sit still hearing it. «It feels like unknown power starts to pulse in your arms and legs, making you clap and dance» - the audience shares their impression. The identity of the music and choreography in combination with professionalism and sincere emotionality have been transmitted to the audience that everyone has remembered.

         It is undoubtedly that the youth needs such events and the forum in this case is the generator of ideas and is an excellent motivator. It is also team spirit and worthy competition. Many thanks to the organizers of the Forum! Many thanks to the students from Turkmenistan who represented the department of Biodiversity and Bioresourses. Thanks for their performance, great organization and activity!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Advisor, A.N. Zorbekova.

Chair of biodiversity and bioresources