At the Faculty of Philosophy and Political Science of the Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi, together with the Sofia University of St. Kliment Ohridski launched a master's program: Europe and Asia: cultural diplomacy and geopolitics of the EU. This is a unique opportunity for each undergraduate to acquire knowledge and skills, expand their professional horizons, as well as get acquainted with the culture of another country and acquire useful contacts.

Today, the labor market in various professional fields usually requires extensive interdisciplinary training on the part of the worker. To succeed, you need to show great erudition and professionalism, you need to be not only a first-class specialist in your field, but also to have an idea about other areas of activity.

This master program: Europe and Asia: Cultural Diplomacy and Geopolitics of the EU. is aimed at expanding the possibilities and grasping new knowledge of our graduates.

Advantages of the program:

• The opportunity to study and get degrees from two universities: Sofia University. St. Kliment Ohridski, Bulgaria and the Kazakh National University. Al-Farabi, Kazakhstan.

• A combination of innovative courses, a unique composition of teachers, the creation of platforms for the practical application of the acquired knowledge and skills, the use of the project form of education. 

• Ability to get a unique experience, which can be the first step to the beginning of a career abroad. 

• Ability to choose an individual educational path, combining core courses from diplomacy, politics, conflict studies with additional ones from psychology, management, sociology, economics, etc.

The training includes lectures, seminars, master classes, a summer school, a diplomatic school, internships and much more.

The joint master's program accepts students with knowledge of English at the B1 level, and during the preliminary intensive language school everyone will receive a certificate of the Sofia University B2 level or an Oxford Test of English certificate / for an additional fee /. At the end of the program the student receives diplomas from two universities

At the end of the program, graduates will be highly qualified specialists with extensive professional skills to carry out professional activities related to cultural diplomacy, requiring excellent English language skills, communication skills and skills for mediation in a multicultural environment and in specialized regional issues of cultural relations between the EU and Central Asia .

Those who have received an educational qualification "master" of this program can find career development in the field of diplomacy and foreign policy, as experts in national and international diplomatic and cultural institutions, international organizations and institutions, commissions and organizations of the European Union, in the media, in NGOs in expert centers and academic institutions.

The purposes of the master's program: Europe and Asia: cultural diplomacy and geopolitics of the EU:

Preparation of highly qualified specialists with extensive professional skills for the implementation of professional activities in the field of cultural diplomacy, capable of solving specialized regional problems in establishing cultural relations between the EU and Central Asia; having communication and mediation skills in a multicultural environment;

Provide teaching of cultural disciplines at the university on the basis of new conceptual and methodological approaches through rational and objective assessment of cultural development, their impact on changing the system of values, behavioral models, cultural and intercultural communications, traditions and innovations in traditional and modern cultures, to carry out scientific research on cultural diplomacy and modern cultural studies of modern society based on the involvement of modern information technologies; to conduct a comparative analysis of the results of scientific research and theoretical sources, draw up the results of scientific research in the master's thesis, scientific publications.