"Space technologies for sustainable development"

Questions for scientific discussion:

- Biotechnology in the field of space research;

- Solar energy and space technologies;

- Space civilization and technology of the future;

- Problems of space debris and sustainable development.
Additional Information:

April 12 is the International Day of Human Space Flight. The twelfth April day of 
the spring of 1961 added to the history of the achievements of mankind with a
 landmark and very important event: on this day, man first saw the Earth from space.
The discoverer of space, Yuri Gagarin, made an orbital circling of the Earth, having
spent a hundred and eight minutes on the legendary spacecraft "Vostok" in near-Earth
space. They forever changed the course of history, dividing it into “before” and “after”.
 The heroic “step” of Yuri Gagarin into space brought people closer to knowing their
place in the Universe.

Representatives of the United Nations in the Republic of Kazakhstan,
 representatives of the media, professors and scientists of universities,
students, undergraduates and doctoral students of mechanics and
mathematics, physics and technology, biology and biotechnology
and the faculty of journalism will take part in the seminar.

Publication date :  3/13/2019