XXI International scientific and theoretical conference Akhanov readings "Language, intercultural communication and national identity: looking to the future"




XXI International scientific and theoretical conference  

Akhanov readings " Language, intercultural communication and 

national identity: looking to the future»       

5-6 April 2018 at the Kazakh national University named after al-Farabi took place on 21-th international scientific-theoretical conference ""Akhanov reading: Language, intercultural communication and national identity: a look into the future" (organizers – the Department of General linguistics and European languages, faculty of Philology and world languages) within the framework of the annual International conference of "Farabi Alemi". The conference was organized in cooperation with the Association of applied linguistics of Kazakhstan, Taraz innovation and humanitarian University (Kazakhstan), Vienna University of Economics and business (Austria), Istanbul University and the center for Eurasian studies al-Farabi of Istanbul University (Turkey). In total, about 100 applications were submitted. The General line conference "Language, intercultural communication and national identity: a look into the future" brought together researchers and educators from leading universities and research centers of Kazakhstan (Nazarbayev University, the Treasury, KBTU, KazUIR & WL, TIGA, East Kazakhstan state University, Institute of linguistics named after A. Baitursynov and others), Austria, Turkey, Germany and other countries. The peculiarity of this conference is that the work of the section on onomastics was organized, which was attended by undergraduates, students and schoolchildren from different cities of Kazakhstan. The conference heard reports on topical issues of modern linguistics, in particular, language policy, language and culture, methods of teaching language and literature in the conditions of transforming States.  This is an interesting speech PhD E. Hoffmann (Austria) on the theme "The private sector''s contribution toward Russian national identity in the mirror of names", Dr. A. Kızılcık (Turkey) on the topic of "Virtue and Perfection Concepts in Farabi''s work that is named "Tahsîlâs-Saâde", Dr. A. Akbarova on "Methodology of teaching: forms of work with adults", Dr. M. R. Heß (Germany) on "Uyghur in Kazakhstan multi-language environment"; a discussion on the problems of different types of discourses (diplomatic, scientific, etc.), the problems of translation and linguodidactics. During the conference Macmillan master class "New approaches in teaching foreign languages" was held, where the participants were introduced to the novelties in the market of books and educational products, as well as new approaches to teaching foreign languages. The work of the conference was fruitful and rich. At the end of the conference, the results of the work were summed up and recommendations were adopted.