Information for students, master students, doctoral students on scientific research and olympiads

The key characteristic of a competitive specialist is readiness for creative professional activity. And one of the effective forms of its formation is the involvement of students in research and development activities, in the preparation and conduct of competitions in the specialty being taught. The Department of Management and Marketing of the Higher School of Economics and Business at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University expands students' research through the annual subject Olympiads. It has become a good tradition. Individual olympiads were transformed into whole olympiad movements, where there is a single information network that tracks the entire difficult path of student projects from sending information letters, submitting projects to students, answering emerging questions, and informing them about the results of the competition and the results of the Olympiad rounds themselves.

The department of "Management and Marketing" holds annual Republican subject Olympiads in the occupational specialties: "Management", "State and local government", "Marketing". In the specialty "Logistics" students of the department participate in the subject Olympiad in KazATK them. M. Tynyshbaeva, receiving prizes. Students also participate in competitions of other universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan (AlmaU, University of Narchosis) of international and republican levels. Students and supervisors have something to be proud of - I, II, III prizes were won. With the results of competitions and scientific competitions can be found in the news feed and the achievements of students in research activities.


Dear students!

From the current academic year at the department an international correspondence Olympiad is held in the following specialties: “Management”, “Marketing”. "State and local government", "Logistics" by level of study: undergraduate and graduate programs. The main requirements for the Olympiad can be found in the Regulations and the information letter.

The stated theme of the Olympiad “Digital Transformation of Business and the State”, being relevant, united students from various regions in their ranks. In total, 43 applications from universities in Russia, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan were submitted to the competition. The winners of the Olympiad are students who submitted the most complete and original case studies. The results can be found in the news feed and the achievements of students in research activities.


Dear students!

At the department of "Management and Marketing" is held the next stage of the Republican competition of research work of students. If you want to deepen your knowledge of the profession you are getting, to competently understand the theory and practice of interesting questions on master's, degree and course projects - take part in the preparation of research works. The main requirements of NIRS can be found in the "Regulations on the Republican competition of students' research works at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University."

The results of the intermediate stage of the Republican contest of students' research works can be found in the news feed and student achievements in research activities.


Material is prepared by: candidate of economic sciences, associate professor Kozhamkulova Zh.T.,

teacher Galymkyzy G.