Scientific community

In order to achieve the stated goal of “growth points” of research activities, consolidate knowledge and skills in the specialty, increase interest in the chosen profession, identify gifted young people, the department of “Management and Marketing” attaches great attention to the creation and work of scientific clubs. Students in the work of clubs are set to creative ideas, teamwork, the solution of real problem situations in their field. Self-esteem of students, recognition of leadership qualities, joint teamwork is growing. Students of scientific clubs of the department take part in city, republic, international scientific conferences, contests and competitions.

The department created and operate scientific clubs in various directions.


  • Student Scientific Club "Modern Management"


The head of the club: teacher Nusyupeva A. A.

Number of participants: 35 students

Club meetings: 1 time per month

The main objectives of the club:

- disclosure of opportunities of students in research work;

- increase in level of theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of administrative science;

- formation of personal interest of students in the chosen direction of training.  


 Work of a scientific club, promoting expansion of an outlook and scientific erudition of students, for the first semester 2018-2019 academic years, having approved new structure, at the heart of the activity was based on the principles of training of students in independent research work. The work of the scientific club, contributing to the expansion of the horizons and scientific erudition of students, for the first semester of the 2018-2019 school year, approving the new composition, was based on the principles of teaching students independent research work.


Teaching students how to process the received data and analyze the results, compile and execute reports and reports on the results of research work


Business game: "What kind of manager am I?" Purpose - the expansion of knowledge about leadership; awareness of positive and negative qualities in collaboration with the team




Round table on the topic: “Management. Business. History of success". Feature of a round table – striking examples of success stories on the example of H. Ford, St. Jobs, Li Yakokk


Student Scientific Club "Modern state management"

Group leader: Professor Orynbasarov N. E.

Number of participants: 92 students

The group meeting: 1 time per month

The main objectives of the circle:

- development of students ' interest in research work;

- conducting research in the field of state and local government;

- participation in student scientific conferences at various levels;

- preparation of student research projects.


Students scientific circle "Modern state management"


         Round table on the theme: "Fight against corruption»




The work of the scientific circle for the first semester of the 2018-2019 academic year was carried out in accordance with the approved work plan





Material is prepared by: candidate of economic sciences, associate professor Kozhamkulova Zh.T.,

teacher Galymkyzy G.