The Advertising Association represents professional cases to young PR members


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At the end of February the Central Asian Advertising Association (AACA) hosted a conference on the theme "Mediation of evolution of the environment. Overview and impetus for Kazakhstan. TV, outdoor advertising and digital magazines - key media channels "for students of the Department of the UNESCO chair, international journalism and public relations in Al-Farabi Kazakh National University.     

Professional advertisers shared the latest data with PRs and talked about the processes in the advertising market of our country. Guests have a constructive dialogue with students and undergraduates. Young PR-respondents were not only eager to answer the questions, but also clarified the words of the guests, and expressed their opinions and demonstrated their knowledge and skills at the university. Also Dana Daulenbayeva, Alina Tursynova, Ayman Kapanova, Marina Buzubaeva have developed innovative cases for teachers and other faculties.

Experts of the Advertising Association clearly illustrated the most striking trends in the advertising market of Kazakhstan during the 5-year period between 2014-2018. Their focus was on five media environments - television, radio, press, outdoor and online advertising. Executive Director of the Central Asian Advertising Association, Dana Daulenbayeva, who has more than 20 years experience in advertising, paid much attention to strategic planning and effectiveness assessment processes.

General Director of "Universal McCann Kazakhstan", who supports Coca-Cola brand - Alina Tursynova has shown the interconnection of contemporary advertising panels' capabilities, content, public relations and advertising. Together with the students, she has demonstrated a dynamic development of online advertising that has grown from 7% in 2014 to 16% in 2018. In a striking example of the show "Kalaulym" on the Eurasia Channel, students were able to see how important the correlation work of content creators, promoters and supporters.

Aiman Kapanova, Director of DDB Openeyes, based on presentation on online advertising discussed with audience the following questions: Is the video trend on the net or a new important channel of communication?. Opinions about the importance of video services and the peculiarities of their use were concentrated on one focus. Aiman Kapanova called on young people to create their own channels on Youtube and disseminate with quality content.

Marina Buzubaeva, Director of "TV Media Digital" agency (official partner of GazPromMedia Digital in Kazakhstan, Google's certified partner) offered to bachelor students and masters the opportunity of principles of accountability, ratings of modern media and advertising channels.

Al-Farabi Kazakh National University students actively participated in the master class and actively participated in the online quiz at the end of the meeting. The winners were awarded with certificates, and all the participants were satisfied with the latest news in the professional sphere. Head of Department of the UNESCO chair, international journalism and public relations, Ph.D Shengizova Nazgul Tursynbaevna thanked the guests and confirmed the participation of bachelor students and masters in the AACA projects. Self-education, self-improvement, self-development would be the key to achieving this goal.


Alexander Viktorovich Rozhkov,

Associate Professor of the Department of the UNESCO chair, international journalism and public relations, Ph.D.