International projects and research

International projects


Name of the project

Total amount of financing

Terms of project implementation

Participants from the Kazakh National University

Objective and expectedresults

1. TEMPUS-TACIS of the European Commission Entrepreneurial University as a model for proper managerial interrelation among education, science and innovation development   2009-2012

Professor, d.e.s. Mukhamediyev B.M., Associate Professor, c.p-m.s. Alzhanova N.S., PhD Djantemirova D.S., Associate Professor, c.e.s. Sadykhanova G.A.

Creation and improvement of educational programs on innovation and innovative entrepreneurship, targeted at different groups


EERC Economic Research Consortium

Monetary policy and stock market volatility

5000 $


PhD Ishuova Zh.Sh.

Assessing the impact ofmonetary policy on the economic stability of the countryReview andcompare this figure in the context of developing countries.

3. Erasmus + Improving the integration of higher education and corporate sectors in accordance with the new social environment - ENINEDU 44 thousand euro for the development of the Innovative Entrepreneurship Center  2017-2019 Erkin N., Bimagambetova Zh. Improving the activities of and material base of the center (equipment and modern computer programs)