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New format of learning


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Al-Farabi KazNU has been taking the necessary measures in order to prevent and protect against the coronavirus infection (COVID-19). Currently, all mass events, business trips of University employees to the countries of near and far abroad have been canceled, academic exchange, internships and the admission of foreign citizens to work and study have been suspended.

Disinfection of the offices and workplaces is carried out at the University, information on symptoms of coronavirus infection and measures for its prevention is posted in educational buildings and student houses.

From March 16, 2020, the studies will be carried out using distance education technologies (DOT) in two information and educational systems – «Univer» ( and distance learning «MOODLE» (

At present, the Institute of New Educational Technologies conducts educational trainings for teachers on the implementation of the educational process using DOT.

For all questions concerning the organizing of distance education, please contact the Institute of New Educational Technologies: +7 (727) 377 33 33, ext. 3123, 1133, 1647, 1136, 3124, as well as the Center for Mass Open Online Courses - ext. 1293, 133.

For questions concerning the work of Student Houses, please contact the Campus Directorate at: +7 (727) 377 33 33, ext. 1912, 141