Club of full development of students “AMANAT”

Club of full development of students “AMANAT”

Head of the club: Doctor of Law, Professor Baimakhanova D.M.

Purpose: to assist in improving the professional skills of students and undergraduates, to form their high professional competence, to develop their high moral qualities and promote the modernization of their consciousness.


Main tasks:

1. Assistance in the successful development of students and undergraduates of educational materials, in improving their skills.

2. Assistance in the active development of students and undergraduates of the latest legislation, the works of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbaev.

3. Formation of students and undergraduates’ high culture of interethnic relations, assistance in the development of national cultures, respect for the state language and languages of the peoples living in Kazakhstan.

4. Assistance in modernizing the consciousness of students and undergraduates, formation of their strong dislike for any manifestations of corruption in education and other spheres of life.

5. Assistance in the formation of students' spiritual qualities such as kindness, mercy, mutual aid and friendship, as well as the development of volunteering in the student environment.