"Students for raising the legal culture"

Student scientific circle at the Department of Theory and State and History of State and Law, Constitutional and Administrative Law

“Students for raising the legal culture”

Supervisor Doctor of Law, Professor Ibrayeva A.S

The main purpose of the circle is to form the scientific foundation of students for the subsequent effective study of the branch of sciences, correct understanding and application of the laws, as well as theoretical and practical application of the knowledge in the public life.


The main objectives of the student group are:

1. Obtaining new objective knowledge about the state and law.

2. Discussion and promotion of projects and research.

3. Establishment of informal relations between lawyers in various fields of activities, combining the professional potential of lawyers for the development of the legal system.

4. Improvement of theoretical and practical skills of students and undergraduates

5. Exchange of experience, professional development


Activities of the Club for the 2019-2020 academic year

Name of the event

Date of the event

Celebration Of Nauryz

21 April 2020

Crime prevention among students

13 April 2020

Preparation for the April conference “World of Farabi”

9 April 2020

Clarification of the Academic policy of KazNU

4 April 2020

Discussion of the Code of ethics

19 December 2018

The independence Day of Kazakhstan

14 December 2018

Formation of anti-corruption culture and creation of intolerance to corruption in the University

8 December 2018

“Brighten the world around you” – Children’s rights

30 November 2018

Discussion of the President’s Message “Spiritual renovation”

4 December 2018