About faculty

The mission of the Faculty of Information Technology (FIT) is

training of highly qualified specialists of the world level for the

dynamically developing IT sector of the national economy

The strategic goal of the faculty development is the creation of a scientific and

educational center, making a significant contribution to the world and

national educational space in the field of IT-

specialists taking into account the needs of the modern IT market and

the requirements of professional and educational standards.

In this regard, the objectives of the Faculty of IT are as follows:

- meeting the needs of the IT sector of the economy inhighly qualified specialists;

- activation of the work of the scientific community, the involvement of students and

teachers in research work for Kazakhstan digitization development;

- improving the organization of trainees' practices and concluding

contracts with the leading organizations of the IT industry;

- creation of a partnership system with potential employers with

the purpose of training IT-specialists in the labor market;

- establishment of a partnership system with the leading universities and

scientific centers in the field of training IT-specialists;

- quality maintenance of continuity and multilevelness

educational process: baccalaureate → master's degree → doctoral studies.

- contribution to the improvement the University's performance in QS World

University Ranking.

Al-Farabi Kazakh National University makes a significant contribution to the implementation of the state program "Digital Kazakhstan", adopted in 2018. A new Faculty of Information Technology (FIT) was established at the University on January 15, 2018. The first dean of the faculty was appointed Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Alisher Anuarbekovich Tukaev. The Faculty of Information Technology originally consisted of the departments of "Informatics" and "Information Systems". In 2018, the Department of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data was opened to support new trends. From July 1, 2019, The faculty is headed by Ph.D., Associate Professor Urmashev Baydaulet Amantayevich.

Since the establishment of the faculty, about 3,000 IT specialists have been trained. From year to year, the number of applicants to the Faculty of Information Technology is increasing. The faculty conducts training at three levels of study: bachelor's, master's, and doctoral studies. The Department of "Information Systems" has the following educational programs: "Information systems", "Information security systems", "Computational Linguistics", "Information systems with highly loaded artificial intelligence", "Industrial Information Systems". At the Department of "Computer Science": "Computer Engineering", "Computer Science", "System Engineering", "Pedagogical Informatics". At the Department of "Artificial Intelligence and Big Data": "Automation and Management", "Internet of Things and Big Data", "Data Science", "Intelligent Management Systems", "Business Analysis and Big Data", "Machine Learning and Data Analysis".

Programming Olympiads are held annually at the faculty, in particular, about 450-500 students and schoolchildren of the Republic of Kazakhstan take part in the Olympiad in the ICPC AS format, among the winners of which there are students of FIT KazNU. The faculty has a training center "Training programmers for the Olympiad", the center for continuous training of IT specialists "Computer Science", the center for additional education, the center for information security "Kaspersky Labs", training laboratories. In addition to employees of the basic divisions, employees of partner companies - "Halyk Bank", "Home Bank", "Eurasian Bank", "zHilstroysberbank", IT companies, "Institute of Information and Computing Technologies", etc. – take part in the educational process.

FIT employees are actively engaged in research activities. Since 2018, more than 15 patents and 100 copyright certificates have been obtained, 10 monographs have been published, 500 articles, including more than 100 published in the Scopus database, 20 textbooks have been prepared. FIT employees annually win and carry out grant and program-targeted financing projects.

From 2018 to 2021, FIT participates in international educational projects Erasmus+ CLASS "Development of an interdisciplinary master's program in computational linguistics at universities in Central Asia", ERASMUS+ LMPI "Development of bachelor's and Master's degree programs for the development, administration, management and protection of computer networks in enterprises", ERASMUS+ LMQS "Strategic management of health risks and quality of services in the field of distance education in Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan", Erasmus+ Mobility on academic mobility of teachers and students with Maalardalen University (Sweden), a project with the leading IT company Beijing Percent Information Technology Co., Ltd. (China), the Lao international project "Professionalization of Bachelor's and Master's degrees".

The high level of professionalism of the staff testifies to the timely implementation of the long-term plan of the faculty. The level of employment of graduates is very high. We are confident that in the future the Faculty of Information Technology will become a training ground for the best IT specialists of the digital society of Kazakhstan!