Aliya К. Abisheva

Aliya К. Abisheva

Associate professor, Doctor of Philosophical Sciences 


Phone: 8(727)292-57-17 (вн.2125) 

Address: Faculty of Philosophy and Political Science 

               Department of Religious Studies and Culturology

               # 403 39/47 Masanchi str., Almaty



I graduated Kazakh State University named after S.M. Kirov in Almaty, Faculty of Biology with honors, 1985. 1995 - Defended candidate dissertation on a subject: "Cultural and historical meaning of S. Freud’s anthropological conception". 2005 - Defended doctoral dissertation on a subject: "The problem of value sense in philosophy and anthropological conception of psychoanalysis", (KAZNPU named after Abay), (it was recognized as the best defended dissertation on philosophy for 2005. Summary//Bulletin KNASON of MAUN RK No. 2, 2006 page 127, Astana, Kazakhstan).

The owner of 4 grants of Soros Foundation 1996, 1997, (Central European University Budapest, Hungary), Erasmus Mundus Silkroute Academic mobility Staff Teaching, 2015 (Padua university, Italy), Erasmus+ Staff Mobility for Teaching 2017 (Middlesex University, London, UK).

Participant of foreign world congresses and conferences: Popper's philosophy of science and philosophy of mind. Popper Project 1996 Spring Workshop, Budapest, CEU. 1996. Summer university «Rationality in the Post-Foundationalist age» Budapest, CEU. 1997, «International Scientific Publications: Language, Individual & Society» Болгария 2011, “Ilyenkov Readings”, Moscow, Russia, 2012, VI Russian Congress of Philosophy «Philosophy in the modern world: dialogue of outlooks», Russia, Nizhny Novgorod, 2012. I made a report on XXI World Congress of Philosophy «Philosophy facing World Problems», Istanbul, Turkey 2003 and XXIII World Congress of Philosophy "Philosophy as Inquiry and Way of Life", Athens, Greece 2013 году.

The report, made at the VIth Russian Philosophical Congress "Philosophy in the Modern World: a Dialogue of Worldviews", Russia, Nizhny Novgorod, 2012 was recognized as one of the best reports in the section "Philosophical Anthropology" // Vestnik Rossiyskogo Filosofskogo obshchestva 3 (63), 2012 – 256p. p.61. 

2006-2010 - The member of doctoral dissertation council 14.05.08 on philosophical sciences Д. 14.05.08 and the joint doctoral dissertation council 14.21.03 on political and philosophical sciences at KazNPU named after Abay.

2012-2013   - the executor of the international Kazakhstan-Japanese project "One Asia" "The Asian continent: cooperation horizons".

Scientific publications – more than 90 papers, 1 monograph "Problem of Value Sense in Philosophy and Psychoanalysis"(2002) and 3 teaching textbooks "Psychoanalitic concept of S.Freud"(1998), "Philosophical Problems of Psychology"(2014), " Philosophy"(with coauthor 2015) on Philosophy and two scientific papers on Biology, have articles in foreign editorials - leading Russian magazines "Questions of Philosophy", "Philosophical Sciences", "Philosophy of Education of ХХI centure", Russia, Moscow, Novosibirsk, 3 in edition "Verlag", Germany, «International Scientific Publications: Language, Individual & Society», Bulgary, «International Center for Education & Technology», USA, etc.

Conduct lectures in Kazakh, Russian, English IELTS academic 5.5 2016.

The experience of teaching is 20 years, since 2013 - the acting professor of the Department of Religious Studies and Culturology at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University.


  • Philosophical anthropology
  • The problem of value sense in philosophy and psychoanalysis
  • The problem of freedom, subjectivity and alienation of a person
  • Philosophical problems of psychology
  • The problem of the relationship between consciousness and the unconscious
  • The problem of ego and personality, reflection


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  • About the concept "value".// Magazine “Philosophy Questions” ("Voprosi Filosofii ") No. 3, Moscow, Russia 2002. 0,6 p.p.SCOPUS, Thomson Reuters
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  • Philosophy (textbook for students, undergraduates and PhD doctoral candidates of higher educational institutions) - Almaty: Institute of Philosophy, Political Science and Religious Studies, KN MES RK, 2015. - 520 p. (with coauthor K. Abishev)



  • Ethics of personal and social success(Bachelour)
  • Philosophy (general course)
  • Culture and religion


  • History and Philosophy of Science
  • Philosophy of Culture
  • Organization and planning of scientific research
  • Nietzsche and Philosophy of Postmodern
  • Innovative technologies in teaching of philosophy
  • Modern global civilization: social and philosophical analysis
  • Philosophy of education
  • Philosophy of Postmodernism Culture
  • Theory and Practice of Organizational Culture
  • Cross-cultural Management


  • Globalization and localization in culture: Kazakhstan and Globalization
  • Cultural anthropology in the United States
  • Culture and Education: Innovative Education Strategies and Values
  • Media culture: human and acculturation
  • Culture of multimedia
  • Culture of daily life and education
  • Modern Urban Culture
  • Methods of social cultural anthropology