Our staff

In this section you can get acquainted with the biography and research activities of the faculty of the Department of Religious and Cultural Studies.   Among the teachers of the department - the holders of such honorary titles as  "Honored Worker of Science and Education of the Republic of  Kazakhstan", "The best teacher of the year", "The best Author", "Honored Worker of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan", "Outstanding scientist",  graduates of "Bolashak" program,  creators of religious textbooks, which later became a scientific classics and the basis for teaching in such areas as cultural studies and religious studies in all higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as the authors of numerous foreign publications included in the international scientific databases such as Thomson Reuters and Scopus. 

The «Golden membership» of the department is such outstanding scientists of the Republic of Kazakhstan as:

Professor, Doctor of Philosophical science Tursun H. Gabitov, who is the founder of Kazakh cultural studies. The owner of the state Medal «Kurmet» and the medal of the Republic of Afghanistan "Torch of the Revolution" for fruitful international cooperation. The author of more than 200 scientific works.

Professor, Doctor of Philosophical science Zuchra N. Ismagambetova, who made a significant contribution to the formation and development of cultural science of Kazakhstan thanks to such books as "Psychoanalytic concept of culture", "Western philosophy of culture", "History of relativism in the philosophy of culture", "Philosophy of Western culture of the twentieth century". Lectures by Professor Zuchra N. Ismagambetova are very popular among the students of the faculty at all levels of study - from BA to PhD students.

Professor, Doctor of Philosophical science Nagima Zh. Baitenova, who is one of the leading religious scholars of the Republic of Kazakhstan and an expert in the field of new religious trends and legal regulation of religious associations`s activities. She is a founder and scientific editor of the journal "Vestnik KazNU", series "Religious Studies". At different times, she worked as the head of the department and the deputy dean for science of Faculty of philosophy and political science. Twice awarded the title of "The year`s Best Teacher". Included in the "TOP-50" of teachers in the universities’ ranking in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Professor Nagima Zh. Baitenova is the author of about 400 scientific works that contributed to the development of religious science in Kazakhstan, including the first three-volume Religious Dictionary in Kazakh.

Professor, Doctor of Philosophical science Zhakan Zh. Moldabekov. He is a graduate of M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University. His scientific leader was the legendary academician Ivan T. Frolov. Zhakan Zh. Moldabekov is a "classic" of cultural science, who has tremendous experience – he began scientific and creative activity at M.S. Schepkina Higher Theater School. The author of about 600 scientific works, among which the most significant are "Kazakh Studies", "Ascent of Kazakh Studies", "Kazakh Studies and update philosophy", "Eloquence", "Eastern philosophy". The professor's books have been translated and published in Russia, Poland, Spain, South Korea, Turkey and Germany.

The geographical scope of our staff`s scientific cooperation includes academic schools of USA, Switzerland, Finland, Great Britain, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Turkey, Russia and many others.

Staff of Department of Religious and Cultural Studies is scientists and practitioners who continue to make a significant contribution to the development of culture and the study of religion.