Zhambyl Center of Kazakh Folklore and Literature's Research

Zhambyl Centre of Kazakh Folklore and Literature's Research was founded on February 25, 2016 at the al-Farabi Kazakh national University on the basis of the research laboratory "Kazakh folklore".

The Centre is engaged in studying the problems of Kazakh folklore and literary criticism in the context of modern national methodology. The centre also finds and compares common histories and differences in the folklore heritage of other Turkic-speaking ethnic groups (nationalities), identifying and proving common laws that characterize them. Especially, first of all, all genres of the Kazakh folklore are investigated: fairy tales, legends, lyrical poems, Proverbs, sayings, epic poems (heroic and lyrical epics), historical songs, etc.

The center also focuses on samples of oral and written literature in the center of the Kazakh ethnic Diaspora in the near and far abroad, as well as exploring the causes, historical foundations and scene of literary texts. He also analyzes the past and present poetry, prose and dramatic works of Kazakh literature from the point of view of a new national approach to independence. In this direction, literary researchers of the Republic and scientists of Kazakh folklore and foreign literary art in foreign countries participate in literary research and work with them on the creation of monographs and literary textbooks from the publishing house "Kazakh University".

Since 2016 - head of the Centre - candidate of philological Sciences, associate Professor Maulenov Almasbek Anykbekovich.


Head of the Center A. Maulenov and employee of the center A. Kakimova in the work process

Goals and objectives of the Center:

- The center operates on the basis of the University Charter and other normative documents. Laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan, resolutions of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, resolutions and instructions of higher authorities, University policy in the field of quality.

- The center itself finances its activities. The centre's Fund consists of funds received from international funds and institutions, sponsorship of natural and legal persons and economic contracts in accordance with the approved list of services provided on a fee basis.

- Cash income of the center is mandatory for directions of payment / transfer and is credited to the University account.

- According to the assessment of the distribution of funds received by the University, the permission to the Center is strictly maintained and carried out by the head of the Center.

- The centre is responsible for the quality and relevance of its coordinated research and for commercializing the results of future research.

- The work of the Center involves professors, students, undergraduates and doctoral students of the Department of Kazakh literature and theory of literature, the faculty of Philology and world languages, as well as other research institutes, educational institutions, interdepartmental laboratories and companies create economic conditions that meet the requirements of economic conditions.

- The basis of the research activities of the Center (research area) are thematic plans, research projects, contracts with clients.

From the book exhibition devoted to the work of Suyunbai Aronuly


1. The direction of the study of Kazakh folklore for research and innovation.

2. Actual problems of the latest research of the Kazakh folk art.

3. Research work on Abay, Suyunbay, Zhambyl, etc.

4. Aitys of Kazakh national poets is our main national brand.

5. Art, features and social character in works of the Kazakh national poets.

6. The tradition of the Turkish folk poets.

7. Modern process of comparative study of folklore genres.

8. Similarities and differences of folklore of Turkic peoples.

9. Kazakh historical epics and realities of life in it.

10. Description of national destiny in the Kazakh literature.

11. Creative laboratory of Kazakh writers.

12. New methods of teaching Kazakh folklore and literature.

13. Characteristics of folklore genres born in the middle of foreign countries.

14. Themes of works of Kazakh writers abroad.

15. Comparative study of the work of national poets of the Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Uzbek and other Turkic peoples.

16. Artistic features of Kazakh folklore and literature.

17. The artistic features of the poems of the Kazakh poets.

18. Kazakh historical poetry, its significance for reality, social meaning.

Address center: AL-FARABI KAZAKH NATIONAL UNIVERSITY. al-Farabi Avenue 71. Faculty of Philology and world languages, room 3-8.