Center of consulting services and additional education

Director of the Center for consulting services and additional education

The objectives of the Center are:

  • implementation of the accumulated research potential of scientists, teaching staff and students of the Department / faculty, as well as professional experience of practicing lawyers through the conclusion of business contracts with legal entities and individuals to provide legal services and legal assistance;
  • organization and coordination of research work of PPP together with business structures, industrial and other enterprises;
  • provision of consulting and any other types of services.

The subject of activity of the Center is carrying out training practical and educational seminars, advanced training courses and other types of services with involvement of practicing lawyers and PPP for cooperation in the following main directions:

  • civil right;
  • criminal law;
  • administrative law;
  • labour law;
  • family law;
  • tax law;
  • corporate law;
  • public international law;
  • private international law, etc.
  • improving the practical experience of students, undergraduates and doctoral students of the Department/faculty;
  • etc.