English Song Club


The club was organized at the Department of Foreign Languages ​​of Humanitarian Faculties (now - the Department of Foreign Languages) in September 2012. Its goal is to cultivate students’ morality, to form students’ aesthetic taste, to develop students’ speech practice and phonetic skills and to increase their vocabulary through club activities.

The songs are used to develop students’ ability to express their own thoughts in English. While using music the favorable psychological climate in club is created, cogitative activity is stirred up, interest in a learning of foreign language is maintained.

The permanent membership of the club includes the first and second year students of our university. All the students share the interest in the culture of English-speaking countries and the ability to analyze what they hear in English. Except the permanent members of club, those who want to spend free time pleasantly, communicate, sing songs in English and expand the vocabulary in the relaxed, joyful, informal atmosphere attend its meetings. Clubmen often perform at concerts.

The Charter of the English Songs club

- Any student interested in the musical and spiritual life of the society can become a member of the club.

- Each member of the club has to tell what he/she is interested in, what he/she expects from the songs and what thoughts the songs awoke in him/her.

- Each member of the club should strive to deepen their knowledge about contemporary art.

- Each member of the club must take an active part in all meetings.

- Members of the club show tolerance for opinions that differ from their own, keep correctness in relation to other members of the club.

- All disagreements on any topic under discussion are decided by free discussion.

Club meetings are held every two months.

Performance of participants of the club on an action devoted to the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan