Миссия и цели


The mission and purpose of the Center of Healthy Lifestyle are aimed at the implementation of the Decrees of the Government on the improvement of the population of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the implementation of the Strategy of Development «Kazakhstan-2050» and in pursuance of the decision of the KazNU Academic Council on the University Development Strategy, the execution of the program «Healthy Lifestyle» and the concept of development оf sports activities' club form of the university, as well as the preparation of the university's national teams for participation in the 9th Summer Universiade of higher educational institutions of the RK and the involvement of students and teachers in the movement «Cult of a healthy body».

The main goals of the HLS Center and the sports club of KazNU are the formation of a healthy lifestyle through a comprehensive approach to prevention and strengthening of control over behavioral risk factors, the formation of the need for regular exercise and various sports. The increase of the social role of physical culture in the development of the personality and its preparation for professional activities will be supported by mass sports and health-improving activities. All competitions contributed to the organization of free time for students, faculty members, staff and PhD doctoral students of University, strengthening of their health, diversified physical development, the identification of the strongest athletes and the preparation of national teams for participation in national and international competitions.

President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev said: "Health depends, first of all, on the person himself. It is estimated that only 2-10% depend on medicine, everything else depends on how a person lives, how he eats and how he works. I urge you all, students, to give up all bad habits, play sports and lead a healthy lifestyle. "