Sports club and the Center for Healthy Life Style

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The structure of the Center for Healthy Life Style includes the following areas of work:

1. Physical culture and Sport - sports-mass direction and professional sports.

The sports-mass direction of the Center is actively working. Students are invited to practice 15 kinds of sports at their choice: athletics, basketball, volleyball, athletic gymnastics, table tennis, chess, togyzkumalak, badminton, judo, football, boxing, sambo wrestling, kazakh wrestling, aerobics, general physical fitness training.

Professional sports - a purposeful and highly professional training of national teams of KazNU on 30 sports for competitions of different levels is conducted.

2. Healthy and preventive direction. Classes with experienced teachers in special medical groups, groups of therapeutic physical training and in groups of the theoretical course are recommended for students who have various deviations in the state of health, or who undergo rehabilitation after the diseases they have suffered.

Such students during the academic year undergo medical supervision to determine the level of physical development and motor activity.

Teachers working in these groups regularly introduce modern (innovative) health saving technologies into curricula and make individual health programs for people with disabilities in health.

All the teachers of the HLS Center are engaged in organizing and conducting lectures on healthy lifestyles with the involvement of specialists; and are engaged in a series of lectures on the organization of rational and proper nutrition of students.

3. Tourism and recreation.

- Organization of weekend tourism.

- Sports and recreational activities in «СОЛ КазНУ» on the Issyk-Kul lake.

- Mass activities to involve students and teachers in the movement "Cult of a healthy body" in their spare time and study time:

1. Sport days "Health" among the teaching staff, doctoral PhD.

2. Track and field athletics cross among students, teaching staff and employees of KazNU named after Al-Farabi, dedicated to the Day of Unity of Peoples of Kazakhstan, the Day of the Defender of the Fatherland and Victory Day.

The sections of mountaineering, tourism and skyraning "Alpine Asia Team" was officially organized at the Sport Club of KazNU named after al-Farabi in April 2012. At the moment, in addition to mountaineering and tourism, a new promising direction - skyranning, in which athletes have made significant progress is developing. Every year they take part in the organization of the KazNU tiade, and in 2016 a series of city orienteering competitions "Almaty Run Quest" started.

Many students and teachers of the University take an active part in the competitions held in Almaty, such as: International Almaty-Marathon, mountain night race «TunRun», Marathon of the Great Steppe - Tengri Ultra, race to the Kok-Zhailauau plateau - "Kok Zhailau Sky Sky" and others.