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Very often we hear that quarantine does not let us live our normal life and receive quality education as before.

However, online learning tools are a great opportunity not only for regular studies, but also additional courses and extracurriculars.

In the framework of the “Talleyrand” student diplomatic club in the International relations department of the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, additional courses on foreign languages, cultures, and traditions of the countries that our students are studying, have been conducted for more than seven years now.

Given classes are held completely free of charge and have become one of the main contributions to the future of our international relations specialists-to-be.

Moreover, “Talleyrand” club members organize thematic weeks devoted to certain countries, during which they hold meetings with the diplomatic corps at the “Ambassador hour”, flash-mobs, and various thematic events.

In the face of current difficult times, Italian and German language classes are provided online, increasingly attracting more and more enthusiasts. These courses help the students see the world through the instrument of language.