International Conference of students and young scientists "Farabi Alemi"


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Congratulations to the following students who took part in the International Conference of students and young scientists «Farabi Alemi», which was held from April 6 to 9, 2020 at the Faculty of International Relations! According to  SECTION 8 “G-GLOBAL: STATE AND HORIZONS OF DEVELOPMENT” 3rd place Sultangali Sholpan, 2nd place Tursynbayeva Ainur, 1st place Sagyndykova Aliya; according to SECTION 9 OF YOUNG SCIENTISTS “ACTUAL PROBLEMS OF INTERACTION OF INTERNATIONAL AND NATIONAL LAW OF THE REPUBLIC OF KAZAKHSTAN” 3rd places: Zhaksylykbayeva Asem, Gumarov Azamat, Omar Aizhan, 2nd places: Tleubekov Sultan, Ahmetova Asem, 1st place Begzhan Aizat; according to SECTION 10 “CURRENT ISSUES OF NATIONAL LEGISLATION OF THE REPUBLIC OF KAZAKHSTAN AND COMPARATIVE LAW” 3rd places: Kırgizbay Zhanerke, Moldash Guldana, Zholaman Yelnur, 2nd places: Sobetayeva Zhanel, Semykina Diana, 1st place Akhmetbaeva Gulnur; according to SECTION 11 “ACTUAL PROBLEMS OF INTERNATIONAL LAW IN THE CONTEXT OF ENSURING INTERNATIONAL SECURITY” 3rd places: Abdіrazakhova Aya, Akilbekov Daniyar, Shinbaeva Valeria, 2nd places: Nurbay Askar, Izkhanova Akmaral, 1st place Serdaliyeva Asem; according to SECTION 12 “ACTUAL PROBLEMS OF INTERNATIONAL LAW AND FOREIGN ECONOMIC ACTIVITY” 3rd places: Kadyrov Aidar, Atamkulova Aidana, Talgatova Kamila, 2nd places: Tursunbaeva Aisana, Smatayeva Anel, 1 place Yerbolov Daniyar. 64 students took part in this conference.