IV Eurasian International Conference


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From 25 to 26 April 2019, the Faculty of International Relations hosted the 4th Eurasian International Conference on Law and Policy on the theme: “The Belt and the Way Initiative: Challenges for the Legal and Political System of Eurasia”. The conference is organized by the Department of International Law with the assistance of foreign partner universities.

The conference was attended by leading foreign scholars in the field of international law: prof. P. Chabal, M. Brunno, F. Gast (University of Le Havre, France), prof. C. Golchen, A. Caiol, F. Rogier (University of Can-Normandy, France), prof. Siok Woo Lee, Tai Yuk Chung, R. Titiriga (InKha University, Korea), prof. Bing Chen (Nankai University, China), prof. THEM. Lifshits (All-Russian Academy of Foreign Trade, Russia), Yang Yong-ho (Eurasian Business Association, Korea). 

During the conference, topical issues of international law and politics were discussed: The Chinese initiative “Belt and Path” and the Kazakhstani project “Nurly Zhol”: political and legal issues of interaction; The Belt and Way Initiative and Maritime Cooperation in East Asia; New opportunities for strategic partnership between Kazakhstan and China in the framework of the “Belt and Way” initiative; Legal aspects of trade and economic cooperation within the framework of the Belt and Way project; Development of the legal order of the Eurasian Economic Union in the practice of the EAEU Court; Legal regulation of Kazakhstan-China relations in the migration sphere, as well as other issues.