The career guidance Day of the Department of Biotechnology 2-year students


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The faculty traditionally holds “Open Days of the Departments”. The purpose of the event is to give professional guidance to students, identify their potential and the mood for productive activities. Through such events, faculty members show interest and support for students, thanks to which the orientation of future young professionals in the labor market takes place.

Understanding the importance of engaging in career guidance graduates, who have a real understanding of the current professional situation in the country, graduates are involved as vivid examples of professional success for the younger generation. Thus, graduates – employees of such leading enterprises of the city of Almaty as the “Scientific Center for Anti-Infectious Drugs”, the RSE "Institute of plant Biology and Biotechnology", KazNMU named after SD Asfendiyarov were invited to the meeting with students of the 2nd course of the specialty "Biotechnology", who currently have to choose a more narrow specialization within the specialty.

At the career guidance meeting professors emphasized that every student has a huge potential, and how important it is to identify individual features and develop them, thereby gave students the opportunity to understand and adapt to the labor market in the conditions of the current socio-economic situation in the country.

Kistaubaeva A.S., Meldebekova A.A., Karpenyuk T.A., Ivashchenko A.T., Goncharova A.V., Aysina D.E.