Open Lesson


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On February 21, 2019, at 11.00 o'clock in the 10th class, a doctoral candidate of the 1st course of the specialty "6D061300-Geobotanika" Childibaeva Asel Zhumagulovna conducted an open laboratory lesson for the 1st year students of the specialty "5В060700-Biology" on the subject "Biodiversity of plants and animals" on the topic "Familiarization with classes dicotyledonous or magnoliopsidov, magnolia, water lily, barberry, buttercup families ”. The head of the Department of Biodiversity and Bioresources, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Acting Professor Kurmanbaeva MS, PhD Dr. Nurmakhanova AS, teachers Aldasugurova Ch.G., Erezhepova N.Sh. Laboratory lesson was held at a high level. The head of the department highly appreciated the systematic explanation of the material, the excellent organization of communication with students, the combination of the past and the new knowledge.