Health is the greatest value of student youth


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Students' health is the basis of their present and future well-being, a necessary condition for active life and high labor potential, an indicator of the level of culture and an indicator of the effectiveness of state policy in the field of youth health. Understanding that the health of students is a guarantee of not only their personal well-being, but also the well-being of people close to them, he team in which they work, the society and the country, the al-Farabi KazNU has a great concern to the health of students.

In order to detect and prevent the spread of hidden diseases, especially social diseases such as tuberculosis, every year in February a professional medical examination of students is organized. During their free time, students can undergo a medical examination at the Smart Health University City diagnostic center, which is located at the KEREMET Student Service Center. The center, where comfortable service conditions are proposed, has been operating since December 2014, and it was opened jointly with partners from the South Korean Clinic Gangnam Severance.

In the photo: students undergo a medical examination for 2019 year