Happy International Women’s Day, dear ladies!


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n the eve of the International Women's Day - March 7, at 15.00 in the Palace of students named after U.A.Zholdasbekov hosted the traditional, bright and colorful concert for the beautiful half of the university. This warm tradition was initiated by the rector of the university Galymkair Mutanov, who opened the solemn holiday.

A feature of the concert is that it is totally organized by the KazNU men’s own forces. Every year, the male part of the university congratulates the female half with their live performances by Vice-Rectors, directors of various Departments and Research Institutes, deans of faculties and department chairs, teachers, senior advisors and young university scientists.

On this wonderful day, it is impossible to recognize in men strict managers or scrupulous scientists, they are revealed from the creative side and continue to amaze women with their outstanding talents, performing more professional and interesting from year to year.

 Photocredit: Mara Beey

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