Teachers of the biotechnology department of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University began online streaming training in quarantine, with the dissemination of experience in conducting laboratory classes in the disciplines of educational programs in the field of natural sciences for all universities in Kazakhstan.

The Department of Biotechnology switched to online training painlessly, as well as without changes in the teaching staff schedule, since the Univer, Moodle, and eDX platforms with MOOC content already available at the university served as a kind of basis for colleagues to conduct distance learning.

All classes today are held in Kazakh, English and Russian in the usual mode, as teachers were able to re-adapt the contents of lectures, laboratory classes, and CDS in a short time, while demonstrating their high IT competence.

In the conditions of streaming, the educational process is implemented using various platforms, such as Zoom, Microsoft teams, Google meet. In addition, teachers of the Department of Biotechnology conduct classes not only in a form of streaming, but also our colleagues conduct chat classes, educational games, interactive training using Kahoot, interactive cases using animated infographics, etc.

In addition, the demand for MOOCs has increased to date. So at the MOOC "Biotechnology basics" 239 students were trained. In the near future we plan to record a number of video lessons for the next academic year for the eDX platform in the areas of microbiology, biochemistry and environmental biotechnology. Content for these video tutorials is currently being developed by our teachers. Faculty colleagues record lectures for the Coursera platform in the field of molecular biology; for the eDX platform in the areas of biophysics and zoology, which allows to successfully use these tools in the educational process.

Head of the Biotechnology Department Kistaubaeva A.S.


An online seminar for research in the specialty of a 2-course biology and geobotany


On April 10, the next seminar of the Faculty of biology and biotechnology, Department of biodiversity and bioresources was held online. The seminar was attended by a report on the research work of 2nd-year Master students of the specialty «6M061300-Geobotany», «6M060700-Biology». The seminar was attended by the head of the Department Kurmanbayeva M. S., as well as the teaching staff of the Department: Saparov K. A., Inelova Z. A., Nazarbekova S. T., Mamurova A. T., Childebayeva A., Aldasugurova Ch. Zh., Tynybekov B. M. Questions were asked, to which appropriate answers were given and the readiness of the dissertation work for defense was determined. The secretaries of the Department of Aldasugurova Ch. and Pangereiov B. recorded online seminar.

Chair of biodiversity and bioresources


Tartіpsіz el bolmaydy, tartіpke bas igen kul bolmaidy


February 27, 2020 from 18:00 to 19:00 in student house No. 7, associate professor of the Department of Biophysics and Biomedicine, KazNU named after Al-Farabi Abylaykhanova N.T. and teachers of the department Esenbekova A., Saydakhmetova A., Usipbek B. held a meeting with students of the Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology within the framework of the project “Kayyrymdy Kogam”.

During the meeting, a lecture was given on the topic " Tәrtіpsіz eal bolmaydy, tәrtіpke bass igen kul bolmaydy ". The lecture provided students with a lot of information.


Ablaykhanova N.T.

deputy head of the department for academic, methodological and educational work, associate professor


Esenbekova A., Saidakhmetova A., Ussupbek B.
teachers of the department of biophysics and biomedicine


VII International Conference of Students and Young Scientists «Farabi Alemi»


Секретарь секции 3: стр. преподаватель Конысбаева Айжан Амиржановна On April 8, 2020, the VII International Conference of Students and Young Scientists “Farabi Alemi” was held at the Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology, which this year was held in an online format. Altogether 112 sections were received for 1 section "Actual problems of biology and biodiversity conservation". For the online meeting, 10 reports were selected. Section winners: I place - Amangeldina M.E. II place - Mukanova E.T., Idayat N.I. III place - Alibay A.N., Zhәmit A.E., Urgenishbaeva J.I.

Certificate for the relevance of the topic of the report for practical use: 1st year doctoral students Kazakh National University named after al-Farabi, Almaty G.B. Jumakhanov, A.K. Dzhienbekov Certificate for an interesting presentation: 4th year students Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Almaty D. Isaev Certificate for an interesting report: 4-year students of Kazakh National University. Al-Farabi, Almaty Қanieva G.A.   Congratulations to the winners! We wish all participants of the contest new achievements and creative victories!  


teacher Konysbaeva Aizhan Amirzhanovna

Chair of biodiversity and bioresources


Educated generation - the future of the nation


Curators-advisors of the Department of Biophysics and Biomedicine kozhakhmetova A. N., Kulbayeva M. S., Srailova G. T. and students held the event "Educated generation-the future of the nation".

As you know, the fate of a nation is in the hands of generations. Therefore, in order to educate young people about humanism, morality, and well-being, the event was organized on 27.02.2020, at 15.00, in 435 audience.





On March 27, 2020, based on the Department of Biotechnology of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, the Republican Subject Olympiad on the specialty 5B070100 - Biotechnology was held among university students. The competition was held online in the form of a video conference on the Zoom platform. 13 teams from 3 republican universities participated in the competition in the specialty “Biotechnology”.

Students and teams of the Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology won deserved prizes !!!


First place award - "Rudiment" team - Vedyashkina Natalya, Umbetova Linara, Kөksharov Dmitry

Scientific adviser - Ignatova Lyudmila V.


Second place award –"LabMasters" team - Zamanova Zere, Khudaibergenova Ainura and Erzhan Arailym

Scientific adviser - Bauenova Meruert O.


Third place award - "B.cereus" team - Sangynbai Shygyskhan, Yernaymanova Bota and Raidinova Amina

Scientific adviser - Omirbekova Anel A.


The great man of the East - Abu Nasyr al-Farabi


On March 5, 2020, at the Department of Biophysics and Biomedicine of the Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology, an educational event was held on the theme “The Great Man of the East - Abu Nasir al-Farabi”, dedicated to the 1150th birthday of the philosopher Abu Nasyr Al-Farabi. At this event, a video was shown about the life of the second teacher Abu Nasra al-Farabi and group work was carried out among students. During the event, student of 3rd course Serik Altynay read Mukhtar Shakhanov's poem "Arman".

This event was organized by associate professor of the department of biophysics and biomedicine Abaykhanova N. T. and teachers of the department Esenbekova A. E., Saidakhmetova A. K., Usipbek B. A.



Republican subject Olympiad-2020 in the specialty "5B060700-Biology"


On March 26, 2020, al-Farabi Kazakh National University held the Republican subject Olympiad among University students in the specialty "5B060700-Biology". This year, due to the current epidemiological situation, the Olympiad was held remotely in the format of a video conference on the Zoom platform. 14 teams from 8 Universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan participated in the distance Olympiad on the specialty "Biology". The teams of our University received prizes of 1, 2 and 3 places.


Kozhakhmetova A.N.

Senior lecturer at the Department of Biophysics and Biomedicine




Shalgimbayeva S.M., с.b.s., senior lecturer Department of Biodiversity and Bioresources, Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University took part in the III International Congress of Eurasian Agriculture and Natural Sciences, which was held from October 17 - 20, 2019 in Turkey, where she made a poster presentation “Characterization of the zander population from the runoff of the lower Urals”. This work was carried out by a group of scientists: KazEkoproekt - Nikolai Popov, KazNU named after al-Farabi - Saule Shalgimbayeva, Gaukhar Jumakhanova and Zhanar Omarova and Kazakh-German University - Naylya Ibragimova.

Shalgimbayeva S.M. and Jumakhanova G.B.  

Chair of biodiversity and bioresources 




Nazerke Bizhanova, a Tutor at the Department of Biodiversity and bioresources of al-Farabi Kazakh National University and a Junior Researcher at the Institute of Zoology, Almaty, Kazakhstan, and now a PhD-student, participated in Doha Islamic Youth Forum 2019. The Forum dedicated to three topics: Good governance, Sustainable development and the Use of Social media. In the discussions Nazerke said about the problems young scientists in Kazakhstan face nowadays and that these problems are directly related to the issues discussed in the frame of the Forum's topics. 

Nazerke says it is an honour for her to be a part of such a huge event and represent her country, Kazakhstan. Approximately 90 participants out of 9600 applicants were chosen to participate in the forum, and represented 57 Islamic world countries. 

"We have discussed several important issues such Anti-corruption and Good governance, Sustainable Development Goals and Empowerment of Youth in Education and Training, as well as the Use of Social media. The events started with lectures of experts followed by workshops where all the participants had brainstorming sessions and discussions. During workshops we all had a lot of fun, coming up with ideas of solving these relevant issues.

On the third day of the Forum, the Minister of Culture and Sports came and had a free talk with us, participants. 

We also had extracurricular activities such as going to the National library, famous Aspire academy, Qatar National museum and the Centre of Qatar. To be honest, this is my first time in Doha. I must admit that I am very impressed with its infrastructure, unique and spacious buildings, the examples of implementation of sustainable development goals, but most of all - with the hospitality of organisers". 

"In the last two days, we all participated and, I believe, contributed to the Doha model OIC Summit co-organised by Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum and Ministry of culture and sports of the State of Qatar. Now, I will miss all my sisters and brothers I met in this Forum, I wish them all the best and hope we will meet again", concludes Nazerke. 

 Nazerke believes that some resolutions all the participants in the Forum came up with must be applied in Kazakhstan, and she herself is going to do her best to make it possible, especially in the field of Sustainable development and nature conservation.

Chair of biodiversity and bioresources