Cipher: 5B050300

Title: Psychology

Faculty: Philosophy and Political Science


The first higher education - bachelor of social knowledge

Form of education: full-time, part-time.

Duration of education: 4 years, 2 years

International accreditation: ACQUIN, 2017

Advantages of education:

The educational program is one of the best educational programs of Kazakhstan in the field of "Psychology" on the demand for graduates in the labor market, the number of winners and prize winners of the Olympiads, the average score of the UNT. Students actively participate and achieve success in the most prestigious international competitions and оlympiads;

The best modern educational methods are used in teaching, among them business games, trainings, as well as a combination of individual and team work. Representatives of employers take an active part in the implementation of these forms of classes;

The educational program is also characterized by: continuity of traditional and new scientific and applied branches of psychology, unique author's courses, new methods and technologies in education, strong faculty, and a wide range of problems and methodology of research in psychology, in-depth study of applied branches of psychology;

Regardless of the form of study, students have the opportunity to receive various types of scholarships. Students paid form of education in accordance with the place in the ranking are eligible for discounts up to 100%, as well as for transfer to budget places.



Lomonosov Moscow State University (Russia), St. Petersburg State University(Russia), Ural Federal University named after B. Yeltsin (Russia), University of Sofia (Bulgaria), Center for Innovations in Education "Protecta" (Burgas, Bulgaria), StichtingEuroregion University (Netherlands).


Types of professional activity:

The Bachelor's education program is designed to train qualified workers who can perform professional functions of a psychologist in general and specialized educational institutions, in production and social structures, in the health care system, in state and non-state institutions, in enterprises (firms, companies, banking and non-banking institutions).

Upon completion of the four-year education, graduates of the psychology department can work:

• Teachers of psychology in educational institutions (schools, gymnasiums, colleges, etc.)

• Practical psychologists in the health care system, education, family service

• Psychologists-consultants in public administration and public organizations

• Political psychologists, image-makers

• Personnel managers in personnel services of various organizations, employment services

• Psychologists in the bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the National Security Committee, correctional institutions and military units

• Psychologists in psycho-psychiatric forensic examinations.


Places of passage of practice and possible employment:

RSSMBS named after K. Bayseitova (Republican secondary specialized music boarding school for gifted children named after K. Bayseitova), Gymnasium № 12 named after Sh. Ualikhanov, Lyceum № 178, Republican Center for Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Narcology, LLP "Vols-Stroi Service", LLP "MS-Railways & Logistics", Specialized Juvenile Legal Advice in Almaty, "Union of Crisis Centers", Center for Academic and practical psychology of Carlsberg Kazakhstan OJSC, Renaissance LLP, Aqwa Test LLP, IRSON-K LLP, HR-Consulting Center for Organizational Development, «Ayaly» Psychological Center, Kazakh-British Technical University JSC.


Cipher: 6M050300

Title: Psychology

Faculty: Philosophy and Political Science

Description: Scientific and pedagogical direction - Master of Social Sciences on specialty 6M050300 – Psychology

International accreditation: ACQUIN

Full-time form of education

Duration of education: 1 year, 2 years


Advantages of education:

Forming the human resources of specialists-psychologists who have in-depth theoretical and methodological and practical training, competitive in the domestic and international labor market;

The training of highly qualified specialists capable of realizing professional psychological competence in various spheres of education, production and healthcare, possessing modern skills and knowledge necessary for effective psychological and scientific-pedagogical work, understanding the specificity and importance of professional psychological activity, capable of performing independent research work in Psychology;

Forming a systematic vision of modern psychological science as a set of different research paradigms and approaches;

Development of the skills of analyzing the basic theoretical and methodological paradigms in modern psychological science, the ability to organize and plan own psychological research;

Forming the knowledge of methodological foundations and principles of psychological intervention; development interpreting skills, and drawing up a psychological report of scientific research; solving ethical issues in Psychology.

Types of professional activity

Research activities in the field of Consultative and Organizational Psychology;

Pedagogical activity in higher and secondary special educational institutions of Kazakhstan and abroad;

Solution of professional and expert tasks in healthcare organizations, administrative and law enforcement agencies, defense enterprises and production organizations;

Innovative activities in the applied fields of psychological science and practice; commercialization of the results of intellectual property in the field of Psychology.

International connections:

University of Trent (Canada)

University of Guelph (Canada)

Sofia University (Bulgaria)

Leipzig University (Germany)

Ural Federal University named after B.N. Yeltsin (Russia)


Places of passage of practice and possible employment:

al-Farabi Kazakh National University;

KazNPU named after Abay;

Universities "Turan" and "Kainar";

Military and security structures of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

Personnel departments in banking structures and groups of companies "Alina", "Сoca-cola", etc.;

Polyclinics and hospitals of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Cipher: 6D050300

Title: Psychology

Faculty: Philosophy and Political Science


The scientific  pedagogical direction - Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) on specialty 6D050300 – Psychology

Form of education: full-time

Duration of education: 3 years

International accreditation: ACQUIN


Advantages of education:

Mastering the systemic knowledge of modern trends in the development of innovative psychotechnologies and modeling methods in the field of psychological knowledge, the formation of applied skills related to solving professional problems, critical evaluation of psychological data;

Formation of scientific and professional identity, the need to follow professional ethics in scientific researches in various fields of psychological knowledge;

Learning proccess is in English language and supports scientist-practitioner model according to PhD students’ research interests in order to develop competence in designing, methodological evaluation, critically analyzing of scientific research in Psychology at an international level;

Ability to work autonomously, take initiatives and manage time in the process of forming new knowledge in Psychology and developing an original research project in areas of professional interest;

Management skills of individual training, critical analysis of solving various problems in the design of psychological research.


Types of professional activity:



Practical activity, consisting of psychological counseling and psychological expertize;

Project-analytical work in scientific centers and laboratories.


International connections:

Texas Tech University (USA)

University of Central Florida (USA)

University of Cincinnati (USA)

Duisburg University (Germany)

University of Guelph (Canada)

University of Social and Human Sciences (Poland)

University of Zayed (UAE)

Chinese University in Hong Kong.


Places of passage of practice and possible employment:

Leading universities of Kazakhstan and CIS countries;

Domestic and foreign research laboratories;

Research institutes and psychological centers;

In the field of "Human Factors" of various state and international levels of organizations.


Our graduates are our pride

1. Safiullina Zhanna Alexandrovna 

2. Years of study: 1988 - 1993 (first graduate)

1. Professional experience:

- 1993 - 2002 - psychologist at the Republican Clinical Psychiatric Hospital.

- 1992 - 1993. - Psychologist of school-lyceum # 23 in Almaty.

- August 1999. - January 2000 - psychologist of the Center for Social Adaptation and Labor Rehabilitation for Children and Adolescents SATR (Almaty)

- 2001 - psychologist-consultant of the Center for Medical and Psychological Problems (Almaty).

- 2001 - 2002. - Head of the Department of Clinical Psychology of the Association of Psychologists of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

- 2003 - 2016 - psychologist of the Republican Scientific and Practical Center for Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Addiction

- 2016 - 2017 - psychologist at the Republican Scientific and Practical Center for Mental Health.

5. Memories of the student's years are the warmest and most joyful! I remember how I was searching books in the Pushkin library. I still remember amazing and unordinary lectures Ms. Shabelnikova, practical work in a hospital under the leadership of Ms. Saparova. I remember wonderful lectures on philosophy!

Clinical psychologist, child-teen psychologist, specialist in art therapy, leading educational programs in clinical psychology and art therapy.


Strigina Lina Dmitrievna - KazNU 1991-1996

Master's degree in KazNU

Professional experience:

Director of HR Consulting company, trainer and supervisor of the National Association of Psychologists of Kazakhstan, coach-practitioner, author of publications in the magazines "Marketing of Goods and Services", "Oil & Gas of Kazakhstan", "Personnel Directory", "Personnel".

Specialization - management and strategic management, performance management, human resources management.

He conducts complex projects in the field of management consulting, construction of a personnel management system and the formation of corporate training centers.

Developed and adapted programs: "Intensive Sales Technologies", "Professional Customer Relationship Management", "Negotiation Techniques", "Presentation Skills", "Time Management", "Self Management", "Human Resource Management in Organizations", "Basic manager skills ", etc.

 Some clients: Corporate Sales Directorate Kazakhtelecom, Temirbank, Air Astana, Raimbek Bottlers, Kcell, Kell-Tel, Beeline, Life Insurance Company State annuity company ", Alliance Bank JSC, JTI Kazakhstan, BCC INVEST JSC, SCHWARZ PHARMA AG Representative office in Kazakhstan, NAT Kazakhstan JSC, Zhilstroysberbank of Kazakhstan JSC, Assorti Restaurant Network, Damuenergoservis LLP , ENRC Logistics LLP, MCO KazMicroFinance LLP Kazakhstan TemirZholy JSC, Tsentrkazenergomontazh JSC, Ak-Niet LLP, FoodMas Company LLP Ter-Trade "JSC" Nurbank ", Representative office of the Laboratory" Innotech International SAS "in the Republic of Kazakhstan, Charitable Foundation of the" Stichting AIDS Foundation East-West ", LLP" Ratiofarm Kazakhstan ", Representative office of MUCOS Pharma CZ SRO in the Republic of Kazakhstan , TransCom LLP, HSBC Bank JSC, Transsystema LLP, Damu Petro Kazakhstan, NPF GNPF and others.



Sarinova Galina Ernistovna

The psychologist-practitioner (KazNU named after al-Farabi 1992- 1997),

Graduate student of ASU named after Abay in the specialty of "psychology".

Master Degree: "Turan" University


2005. - Systemic arrangements for Helinger in family psychotherapy, the Center for Practical Psychology with the partnership of the Moscow Institute of Family Psychotherapy

2004-2005. - Gestalt therapy, 2nd stage, Center for Practical Psychology with the partnership of the Moscow Institute of Gestalt and Psychodrama

1999 - International Summer School on Management Methods and Conflict Resolution, Almaty.

1998 Seminar "Teaching methodology for an adult audience, the basics of facilitation and conflict management", Almaty

1998 - "Effective negotiations", Renaissance Consulting Agency, Almaty.

1998 - "Professional Skills", PTC - consulting, Almaty.

1997 - Advanced training courses in psychotherapy at the Institute of Mental Ecology in Kustanai.
Experience of coaching:

• Conflictological Center - "Methods of teaching tolerance and conflictology", June 1999.

• CJSC GLOTUR - Effective Negotiations, November 1999, Effective Communication, May 2000.

• KIMEP - IETC - Training "Organization and management of sales professionals", October 2000.

• KIMEP - IETC - Training «Techniques of marketing and sales», April 2001г.

• KIMEP - IETC - Training «Art of Presentation», May 2001.

• KARACHAGANAK PETROLEUM OPERATING - Training «Skills of interpersonal interaction», September, October, November 2001; Training "Writing reports", November 2001.

• KIMEP - IETC - Training "Customer Service", March 2002.

• "ASTANA International Hotel" commissioned by Pragma-USAID Corporation - "Customer Service" Training, March 2002.

• Pragma Corporation - USAID - Training "Techniques for effective sales", April 2002.

• Commercial Real Estate Center - Training «Customer Service», July 2002.

• NSC - Training of coaching skills, Training «Sales management», December 2002.

• PITC - Training «Personnel management», February 2003г.

• Resme-group - Training "Sales techniques", April 2003.

• WINE MASTER - Training «Techniques of sales», September 2003

• JSC "KazTsink" - Training "Effective negotiations", November 2003.

• Senate of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Training "Effective Team", Astana, January 2004.

• Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. In Almaty - Training "Customer Service", February, 2004.

• Atyrau Real Estate "Sales Techniques", Atyrau, March 2004

• KazMunayGas CJSC "Business Communication Skills", Astana, April 2004.

• BTA Ipoteka «Development of managerial skills», Almaty, June 2004.

• OSCE «Training on Conflict Prevention in Prisons», Almaty, June 2004.

Majilis of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Training "Effective Team", Astana, September 2004

• Bank TuranAlem - Training "Techniques of business telephone conversations", Almaty, October 2004.

• JV JSC Insurance Company «London-Almaty» - Training «Techniques of sales of insurance services», 2005.

• Sanofi-Santelabo groups - trainings "Sales techniques", "Preparation and presentation skills", 2005

• Bank Caspian - training "Customer Service" - July 2005

• Virazh LLP - training "Techniques of sales", November 2005, February 2006