"Center of Management and Business Education"

  "Сenter of Management and Business Education" has the honor to inform you about the list of services provided on a fee basis in the following areas:

  - consulting services in the development of feasibility studies and business plans for all interested individuals and legal entities;

  - conducting trainings for bachelor, master and PhD students, as well as employees of business structures, educators, civil servants in the field of project management;

  - conducting scientific and methodical seminars for the teaching staff of higher educational institutions.


For more information on all organizational issues, you can contact in 221 office or by phone: 8 747 379 50 14; 8 (727) 2211248.

For receiving written information - by e-mail: project.management.kaznu@gmail.com

The plan of work of a self-supporting scientific and educational center

"Feasibility study and project management" of the department "Management and Marketing" for 2017-2018 academic year


  In 2019, the center for Feasibility study and project management was renamed the Center for management and business education. The Center's Director is doctor of Economics, Professor Turganbaeva A. N.
The center provides services in the following areas:
Advanced training:
 - conducting scientific and methodological seminars for teaching staff of Higher educational institutions;
- conducting trainings for employees of business structures, educators, civil servants in the field of project management;
- training for students, undergraduates, PhD students.
Research, including the implementation of contractual projects commissioned by enterprises.

Contacts of the Center "Feasibility Study and Project Management": аvenue .al-Farabi, 71. The building of GUK-3
Location: 2 floor, 221 room
Phone: +7 (727) 221-12-48
E-mail: project.management.kaznu@gmail.com






   Announces the admission to the programs of the EMBA - Executive Master of Business Administration and General MBA - Master of Business Administration programs of heads of organizations, deputy heads, heads of departments and directors of departments and personnel reserve

* Executive MBA-Business administration (1 year)

* General MBA-Business administration (2 years)

* Executive MBA - business administration in healthcare (1 year)  

* General MBA - business administration in healthcare (2 years)

REGISTRATION for the PROGRAM: until February 15, 2020

PROGRAM STARTS: 01 March 2020

   MBA program is a systematization of experience, expansion of the range of managerial competencies, new practical knowledge and bright useful ideas in the field of corporate management, Finance, marketing, personnel management, economic and legal aspects of business, international economy; a powerful impetus for career development, business and personal growth.

  Students study such aspects of business as strategic and operational management in organizations, marketing of services, legal and ethical issues, effective personnel management, Economics for managers, financial accounting and much more.

  MBA training provides the necessary tools to reach a new level of career and personal growth and unique opportunities for the formation of business ties.

  Advantages of the MBA program of al-Farabi KazNU:

* affordable price for decent quality

* no foreign language entrance exam

* convenient learning format blended-learning: modular-distance and weekend format

• recognized brand of the national University

* developed research infrastructure

  Persons who have completed the MBA and EMBA programs are awarded a state Diploma with the award of qualification and the degree of "Master of business administration".

  Acceptance of documents for EMBA and MBA programs is carried out during the year. Entrance examinations and enrollment are held no later than 10 working days before the start of the next module of the EMBA/MBA program, according to the approved academic calendar.

  PLACE of submission: Admission Committee of al-Farabi KazNU at the address Almaty, al-Farabi Ave., 71.

                                                                       Palace of students named after O. Dzholdasbekov, 2nd floor

  For any questions, please call: 8 (727) 377 33 33 EXT. 12-48, mob. 7 702 8503186, 7 771 4030093, 7 701 7953109

You can apply on the website www.mba-kaznu.kz

Additional information on the website www.kaznu.kz


  Persons entering the EMBA and MBA programs, submit the following documents to the Admission Committee of the University:

1) application addressed to the rector of the established sample (Appendix No. 1) www.kaznu.kz;

2) a notarized copy of the document on higher education with annexes;

3) personal record sheet (original) and a notarized copy of the document confirming the length of service or certificate of employment confirming the length of service;

4) six 3x4 photos;

5) medical certificate form number 086-U with fluorography;

6) a copy of the identity card (3 copies.);

7) letter of motivation (Essay) (Annex No. 2) www.kaznu.kz