Educational center “Innovative entrepreneurship”


Introduction to an educational center “Innovative entrepreneurship”

Innovation is a cornerstone of the society development, and entrepreneurship is the main source of the state power, and nowadays, the importance of innovative entrepreneurship is increasing, especially in the country's economy's dynamical development. For this reason, the new and innovative educational and training center "Innovative entrepreneurship" was created to meet the modern international requirements to address the needs and challenges of the country's economic development at the Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi.

The educational center "Innovative entrepreneurship" has created the outstanding and best innovative business platform of the country by accumulating and using all the resources for upgrading production technologies, manufactured products, markets and brands, business models used by enterprises, management and organizational systems.


  • The purpose of an educational center "Innovative Entrepreneurship"


  The main purpose of the educational and training center "Innovative entrepreneurship" is to teach professionals who will be capable and responsible for entrepreneurship, as well as training specialists with the positive qualities needed by the new era's manager, the master of new technologies and techniques necessary for the transformation and sustainable development of modern and public-state strategies. Creating educational, experimental and incubator platforms for young scientists and students in every field of science and all specialties interested in the experience of innovative entrepreneurship in the educational center "Innovative entrepreneurship".


  • Objectives of educational center "Innovative entrepreneurship"


The main objective of the educational center "Innovative Entrepreneurship" is to develop students' and young scientists' ideas of innovative entrepreneurship through theoretical training courses, to improve their innovation and entrepreneurship skills through the course of vocational training, as well as to apply international experience through achieving new results and achievements. General objectives of the educational and training center "Innovative entrepreneurship" include training of students and young scientists, introducing and creating new disciplines according to innovative entrepreneurship, to increase their entrepreneurial competence and skills, to prepare and approve innovative business education curricula at the republican level, to organize innovative entrepreneurship trainings and forums; as well as systematic implementation of accumulated entrepreneurial achievements of students and young scientists, incubation of projects, venture capital entry, etc.


  • Functions of an educational and training center "Innovative Entrepreneurship"


  Educational and training center "Innovative Entrepreneurship" is engaged in research and scientific-educational activities, consulting and other activities in the following areas:

The first direction - Economics;

The second direction - Entrepreneurship and business organization;

The third direction - Data analysis and forecasting;

The fourth direction - Modeling (for example, STATA training course and others);

Fifth direction - Language courses for business;

Sixth direction – Software for Economists (Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point).




Name of service

Cost (tenge)




Business - English 

10000 tenge

per month, classes in the group 2-7 people, 2 hours per week 


Advanced training courses 

15000 tenge (for external listeners) 

For one course, 72 academic hours, the number of listeners is unlimited


Training course "software STATA" 

15000 tenge (for teachers, students of KazNU)

20000 tenge (for external listeners) 

For one course, 36 academic hours, the number of listeners is unlimited


Training course "Microsoft Office software (Word, Excel, Power Point) 

15000 tenge 

For one course, 36 academic hours, the number of listeners is unlimited 


  • Work plan for the 2018-2019 year







Modern Macroeconomics

International Economics




Business evaluation

Business research


Data analysis and forecasting


Data analysis 

Analytical tools for business

Big data



Business process modeling


Language Courses for Business 

Business English


Courses in economics software 

Practical Excel


  • Work plan for the 2017-2018 year



Planned activities



Advanced training courses for school teachers "Use of information and communication technologies to explain economic processes in secondary education", 72 hours, lecturer Doctor of Economic Sciences, prof. Ospanov S.S.

during the year (as the group was collected)


"Economics of education and commercialization of knowledge", 40 hours, lecturer, c.e.s., Shcherbakova Tatyana Serafimovna, PFUR, Moscow

September 2017


Business Chinese, lecturer Master Erkin Nazarbay

November 2017-June 2018


Business English, lecturer PhD, acting Associate Professor Kondybaeva S.K.

January-June 2018


Advanced training courses for university teachers "Use of STATA software in teaching economic disciplines", 72 hours, lecturer PhD Kaliyeva A.E.

during the year (as the group was collected)


Courses "Innovative entrepreneurship" for students in conjunction with the Technopark KazNU, lecturers: PhD, acting. Associate Professor Kondybaeva S.K., PhD Kaliyeva A.Е., Tabeev T.P, Kuliev I.U., Nurmanova B.Z.

during the year (as the group was collected)


Course "Research proposal", 36 hours, lecturer PhD doctoral student Satpaeva Z.

January 2018


Course "Fundamentals of Business and Entrepreneurship", 90 hours, Rakhmatullaeva D.Zh.

September 2017-June 2018