«Young Family» Сompetition


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The program of the competition, which is based on an educational project, will conduct meetings with famous people, round tables and master classes, as well as a special competition program for young couples.

The competition will be hold in two stages. The first stage is in absentia (conditions on the site www.youngfamily.kz) and serves as a selection for the final stage, which will be hold in the format of face-to-face meetings. Winners receive cash prizes and prizes from the organizers and partners. The money prize fund, formed by the partners and sponsors of the contest, is from 1 600 000 tenge.

The main idea of ​​the competition is to reduce the number of divorces by raising the level of financial literacy and acquiring the skill of managing family finances at the origins of family formation. The purpose of the competition is to popularize the image of a happy young family, modernize the public consciousness of young families, based on developing financial literacy, forming competitiveness, realism and pragmatism.


Competition website: www.youngfamily.kz 

The competition period is February-June 2018.

Beginning of the competition: February 2018.

Summing up and presenting gifts: June 2018.

Age of the contestants: young families aged 18 to 30 years.

Information about partners of the competition:

• National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan

• The National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Atameken"

• Association of Financiers of Kazakhstan (AFK)

• Atameken Business Women's Council

• Kazakhstan Deposit Guarantee Fund

• LLP "Altyn Dan Kazakhstan" ("Altyn Dan Kazakhstan")

• NGO "International Academy of Informatization" (MAIN)

• Educational center "Yustudy"

• The Republican School of Leadership "Jean Urpac"

• IP Republican Center for Assistance to Entrepreneurs

• Al-Farabi Kazakh National University

Sponsors of the contest:


• Travel agency "Akzhol Tour"

• LLP "School of financial literacy Aigul Abdraimova"

• Beauty salon "Makeup_Shymkent"

• Salon of curtains "At Natalia"

• Salon of furniture «Almuar»

• "GRACE", body aesthetics salon

Illumination of the competition: broadcast (live) on social networks, print and online publications, videos on the YouTube channel.

Place of the competition: g, Almaty, in the building of the "National Library of the RK" at the address: Abai Ave., 14, corner. st. Abylai Khan.

To participate in the competition it is necessary to register on the website:

www.youngfamily.kz available from 02/23/2018.

For all other questions: +7 747 675 43 37 or +7 701 951 79 91.