The Al-Farabi Kazakh National University created the research and educational center "Al-Farabi and the spiritual heritageof the kazakh people".

Year of foundation: 1993 

Main scientific activities:

 A holistic study of the complex of al-Farabi's ideas aimed at the unity and mutual understanding of cultures and peoples in the light of the formation of a new integral worldview, in demand by the era of globalization;

The values of the problems of spiritual evolution are established for the formation of spiritual and moral grounds for the implementation of the unique scientific and innovative project ''Al-Farabi university Smart City"

Disclosure of new semantic structures and objects of analysis in Farabism in connection with the development of comparative studies in the East and West;

Participation in competitions for the purpose of obtaining grants for fundamental and applied research in the country and abroad;

Study of the Turkic philosophy and culture, the Turkic contribution to the world culture;

Introduction of the results of scientific research into the educational process.

The international cooperation:
Eurasian Research Center Al-Farabi in Istanbul University.
Contact details of the head of the Center:

Altaуev Zhakуpbek

Doctor of Philosophy, professor.; 8701 744 12 80