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Olympic Training Center "Al-Farabi"

  • Organizes and holds various olympiads of schoolchildren 
  • Conducts regular classes in preparation for the Olympics in Almaty 
  • Organizes Olympic schools during the holidays, including for non-residents 
  • Publishes books on the Olympic theme Supports the site, dedicated to mathematical olympiads, held in Kazakhstan and beyond.

In 2016-2017 academic year, on behalf of the faculty and the University, about 10 Olympiads and 3 vacation schools were held. The receipt to the subaccount of the Center in KazNU is more than 800 thousand tenge.

More details on the Center's activities can be found at

Courses in the center "Information Security"Start of enrollment from 09.11.20
Language of instruction: Kazakh, Russian, English
Duration of training: by level
1) Programming languages (C#, Python, Java, etc.)
2) Information security
3) Databases
4) Computer networks and telecommunications
Form of training: online
Lesson duration: 60 minut