Accreditation and Licensing division

Accreditation and Licensing division

Head of Accreditation and Licensing division

Manarbek Gulden


Tel.: +7(727) 377-33-33 (int. 1459)



Accreditation and licensing division is a part of the Center for Accreditation and Quality of Educational Programmes. Main purpose of the division is preparation of the documents for acquiring licenses, monitoring of their compliance with relevant licensing requirements and improvement of the educational services and educational programs quality through institutional and specialized accreditation.


Main functions of the division:

  • Implementation of procedures for accreditation and licensing of educational programmes;
  • Interaction with international and national accreditation agencies and organizations;
  • Planning and implementation of activities for the accreditation and licensing of educational programs, making proposals to the working group for accreditation, administration and the Academic Council on the possibility of accrediting new educational programs;
  • Submission of applications for institutional and specialized accreditation and for obtaining a licenses for new educational programs;
  • Organization of work on preparing a self-assessment reports and a packages of licensing documents in conjunction with faculties;
  • Accompanying the procedure for the on-site visit of experts from accreditation agencies for conducting an external evaluation;
  • Carrying out consultations and seminars faculty and departments staff on questions of accreditation and licensing, being in the competence of service;
  • Preparation of information, analytical and other materials for the participants of the accreditation process;
  • Placement of materials concerning accreditation and licensing issues on the divisions website;
  • Participation in courses, seminars, conferences on accreditation and licensing of educational programs;
  • Intra-university monitoring and monitoring of the implementation of the preparation of self-assessment reports on educational programs;
  • Collection, processing, analysis of information and data on new educational programs from faculties for obtaining state licenses.