Accredited educational programs


Educational Programme «Public Health»

 International accreditation: ASIIN certificate

Programme: 6М1102000 – Public Health

Study level:  Profile master's program, scientific and pedagogical master’s programs

Exams: Foreign language (test), entrance examination in the specialty (in writing)

Form of study: Full-time

Term of training: 1, 2 years

Types of professional activity:

  • ·      Health policy,
  • ·      Health economy,
  • ·      Sociology and psychology of health,
  • ·      Health care administration and Public health insurance coverage,
  • ·     

Profile items: 

  • ·      Organization and management healthcare
  • ·      Fundamentals of clinical epidemiology and evidence-based medicine
  • ·      Health promotion and disease prevention
  • ·      Basics of methodology of teaching public health
  • ·      Basics of methodology of scientific research in public health

Advantages of educational programme:

• in-depth study of research, scientific and methodological activities related to the research conduction  and  conduction of practical lessons;

• admission of the specialists with medical and non-medical education;

  • ·      training is conducted in full-time and distance form;
  • ·       issuance of the diploma of the best university (IQAA 2016 ranking);   
    • ·      programs on management, jurisprudence, psychology have passed the full procedure of international accreditation;
    • ·      teachers and students are trained annually   in foreign universities.
    • ·     

International collaborations:

  • ·      Seoul National University (South Korea);;
  • ·      Yonsei University  (South Korea).
  • ·      Institute;
  • ·      Azerbaijan

            • Asia-Pacific Academic Consortium for Public Health;

  • ·      European Public Health Association
  • ·      ASHPER – The Association of Schools of Public Health in the European Region
  • ·      European

Places of passage of practice and possible employment:

Kazakh Academy of Nutrition MH RK, Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University,  Scientific and practical center for sanitary and epidemiological expertise and monitoring, M. Aikimbayev kazakh scientific center of quarantine and zoonotic diseases, clinics of the country.