Gulya Sarybayeva



Gulya Sarybayeva


Assistant professor of the Department of Health policy and Organization

Academic Career

post-graduate degree Candidate's dissertation

Kazakh National Medical University, Almaty


graduate   degree

Kazakh National Medical University, Almaty 1991-1997

Research and development projects over the past five years


Research area: Epidemiology, Public Health

Scientific supervisor of project: “Development and implementation of modern epidemiological monitoring system of major communicable diseases in Kazakhstan during 2015-2017 years”




1. Using the index lost years of potential life for assessment of premature mortality in Kazakhstan// Messenger of KazNMU 2015 №4, 676 – 680
2. The effect of income on the performance and dynamics of population mortality in Kazakhstan // Messenger of KazNMU 2016, №1, 589 – 592