Scientific study clubs

Scientific club “muratanu”

Aims and tasks: 

2.1. The aims of the activity of student scientific club “muratanu” (Introduction to the heritage) are follow:

- activation, development and popularization of scientific research works among students;

- aquaintance students with features of scientific research works.

2.2. The tasks of student scientific club are:

- discussion of actual themes according to plan of club activity;

- mastering abilities and skills of complex works with different types of sources, searching for and systematization of an information.

Discussion club


Participation of students in scientific research contributes to the qualitative development of the educational programs of higher education, it makes it possible to deepen the knowledge and develop the abilities, skills in independent work, improve the quality and scientific basis of abstracts and final qualifying works of practical value.

The aim of the research is to implement the tasks of the club to meet the needs of students in the intellectual and scientific development. One of the areas of the club is to identify and support young talents, their projects and initiatives.

Achieving this goal is achieved by means of the following tasks:

• Identification of the scientific potential of high school students;
• Involving students in research activities;

• conducting student research seminars and conferences;
• participation in conferences and competitions for the best student scientific work.

West – East and conceptual problems of history”

         The purpose and objectives of the discussion club “West – East and conceptual problems of history” are the conduction of discussions on the theoretical problems of historical knowledge as a specific form of reflection of reality; collective discussion of theoretical and methodological, philosophical and imaginative literature, reflecting the ideological approaches to different social phenomena and events of our time; development of the own point of view in students and master’s students on the lessons of history.

The Organizational board includes 1st and 2nd year master’s students in specialty 6M020300 – History, 6М011400 – History.

The supervisor and scientific advisor of the club – Dr., professor. G. K. Kokebayeva

Within department of world history, a historiography and a source study has opened the new student's scientific club "Urgent Problems of Ancient History and Middle Ages"

The head of the club: Ph.D., Associate Professor Kartabaeva Erke Tamabekova


Purpose of scientific student's club:

- activization, development and promoting of research work among students.

- acquaintance of students to features of research work;

- profound studying of questions of ancient history and Middle Ages

- formation of the idea of improvement, development of intellectual and common cultural level, disclosure of creative potential, readiness for communication in scientific fields of activity.

Objectives of the club:

- discussion of hot topics within the work plan of club;  

- mastering skills of complex work with various types of sources, search and systematization of information, skills of the analysis of monuments of culture and works of art;                                                                            

- receipt of the analysis of texts of sources by students of practical skills;

- use of multimedia means for creation of the presentations of scientific messages;

- involvement of students to participation in accomplishment of the student's scientific programs, projects created by the Ministries of RK and foreign countries;

- organization and coordination of work of students for the priority directions of scientific research of University;

- ensuring active participation of students in holding scientific conferences, tenders for the best scientific work, scientific seminars.

«Жас архивист»

Club «Young Archivist»

       In the development of the intellectual and personal ability of students, in the formation of the quality of patriotism, respect for the homeland, historical consciousness, in the study and renewal of the history of the Fatherland, the native land, the history of the earth, tradition, and the comprehension of the past on the basis of reliable facts, the study of archival sources as historical sources is of great importance. In order to study the history of Kazakhstan on the basis of archival documents, in order to increase the interest in the archives, in September 2016 the Young Archivist Club was established.

       The aim of the club - is to show able young people who have the skills of conducting research work in the field of archival science, archeography and source study. Achievement of results in this goal to hold talks, meetings, debates, round tables, competitions, conferences, etc.

Tasks of the club:

- formation of skills of work with documents of archival funds;

- the formation of the ability to analyze the fact of a historical source;

- development of methods and means for determining the value of a document;

- mastering the principles of publishing archival documents;

- formation of reading skills and the concept of source text and the ability to perform archeographic processing;

- formation of the skills of creating a database;

- mastering the methodology of forming an electronic archive.

         Activity - conducting scientific and cognitive searches in the field of archival studies, document management, archeography and source study.

       The motto: "In order to learn more about the Great Steppe and ancestors, we will search, we contemplate wisdom."

          Idea for the future. In the Address of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan on January 31, 2017 "The Third Renaissance of Kazakhstan: the ability of global competitiveness", five priorities were identified, among them the first is directly related to document management. The preparation and adoption of a separate program of Digital Kazakhstan sets new tasks for archivists and document experts. The task of forming 30 electronic archives has been determined in the country. The club plans to participate in the development of new technologies in the transfer of documents from paper carriers to the electronic media, in the activities of the perfection of electronic document management. In addition to these, the club "Young Archivist" plans to introduce its contribution in promoting the archival affairs of the republic, organizing exhibitions, popularizing scientific and technical documentation.


«Historical Computing» Club

The head of the club: Doctor of Historical Sciences, prof. Zhakisheva S.A.

Students and undergraduates of various specialties (historians, archaeologists, archivists) of the Faculty of History, Archeology and Ethnology are engaged in research in the field of historical informatics and quantitative history (scientific disciplines that arose in the 60s – 80s of the twentieth century at the intersection of history, source studies , applied mathematics and computer science). They learn not only to qualitatively describe history, but also to use methods of measuring historical information, quantitative analysis and modeling of historical phenomena and processes; modern information (databases, 3D, multimedia, etc.) technologies in relation to the tasks of storage, information retrieval, analysis and presentation of data from historical sources.


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