Self-supporting centers

Radiation Control Center (Head – Dr. B.Uralbekov) is one of the leading research center in Kazakhstan in the field of radionuclide analysis of the environment and studying radioecological situation of territories contaminated by man-made and natural radionuclides.

Activity sphere of the Сenter:

  • ·         Radiation monitoring of natural waters, soils, sediments, rocks, ores and construction materials.
  • ·         Performing activities for complex radioecological monitoring of contaminated and abnormal areas.
  • ·         Using radioisotope methods for studying the migration of radioactive elements and calculation of hydro-chemical indicators.
  • ·         The organization of training courses on radiation control of water, uranium analytical chemistry.


Research and Educational Center «ORKENDEU» (Head – Dr. Kh. Tassibekov) has laboratories have been accredited by accreditation system of the Republic of Kazakhstan:

-       Laboratory of Electrochemical Production Technology (Head – A. Kurbatov, tel.: +7 (727) 2920991) produces batteries and cells (zinc-manganese and zinc-mercury), accumulators and batteries (alkaline, nickel cadmium, lithium); the coating of metal and non-metals (inorganic, anodic oxide semi-finished products from aluminum and its alloys);

-       Laboratoris «Ecology Biosphere» (Head – B.Kenessov, Tel: +7 (727) 292 13 74) and «Analysis of metals» (Head – A.Sokolov) analyze drinking water, natural water, waste water and industrial wastewater, soil, ground, sediments, concentrates, balance ores, uncovered rock, mineral fertilizer, atmospheric air of occupied places and sanitary protection zone (SPZ), emissions from industrial plants into the atmosphere.

Scientific and educational programs of the Center:

-       training courses in chemistry and chemical technology for employees of educational institutions, industrial companies;

-       training courses to the practical work of Olympiads in chemistry;

-       on-line training course program about selected chapters of Analytical and Colloid Chemistry in collaboration with the Institute of Advanced Training al-Farabi KazNU.


Center of analysis of organic materials (Head – Prof. G. Mun) offers the following paid services:

- analysis of organic substances and materials (synthetic and natural substances, polymers, medicinal vegetal raw materials) in order to determine their compliance with technical, medical and technical requirements;

- consulting, educational and training services for professional workers and engineers and pupils in the field of chemistry and technology of organic substances, natural compounds and polymers;

- provide leadership to scientific projects for pupils;

Contact address: 050040, Almaty, Al-Farabi ave., 71. Phone: +7 (727) 393-19-12.


Center “Analysis of processed products of hydrocarbons raw materials” (Head – Dr. Y. Aubakirov) provides the following services:

-       certification wool grease and pharmaceutical lanolin analysis products of hydrogenation vegetable oils with the definition of the physico-chemical characteristics;

-       realizes educational program "Solving the tasks of increased complexity on physical chemistry" for teachers of chemistry in secondary schools. The aim of the educational program is to study the laws of the flow of chemical and physico-chemical processes, the status of the phase and chemical equilibrium, basics of kinetics and electrochemistry;

-       training courses for employees of the oil and gas industry:

  • ·      Condition of elaboration in European Union and the developed countries;
  • ·      Condition of elaboration in Kazakhstan and countries of CIS;
  • ·      The transportation of oil and gas in Kazakhstan and countries of CIS;
  • ·      Innovational technologies of elaboration oil and gas;
  • ·      Anticorrosive protection equipment of oil and gas
  • ·      The methods of enhanced oil recovery
  • ·     


Center for physical and chemical expertise of materials (Head – Dr. M. Tulepov) is specialized in field of forensic examination various types materials, substances and products. In center for physical and chemical expertise of materials has advanced equipment for the chemical analysis of various of solid, liquid and gaseous substances and materials:

On basis of available equipment center is ready to provide the following activities:

  • ·      Analysis of petroleum products, petrochemicals and fuels;
  • ·      Analysis of rubber, plastics and products based on them;
  • ·      Analysis of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances;
  • ·      Analysis of alloys and metals and their products;
  • ·      Analysis of the alcohol-containing liquids;
  • ·      Analysis of building materials;
  • ·