Clubs of the chair

Name of the club or circle Description Location head Contacts time
1 Mathematical chemistry Mathematical Chemistry - Chemistry Section in theory, an area of research devoted to new applications of mathematics to chemical problems. The main area of interest - it is hypothetically possible mathematical modeling of physical-chemical and chemical phenomena and processes, as well as their dependence on the properties of atoms and molecules structure. Department of Fundamental Mathematics

Tleulessova A.M.,  

Nugmanova N.K.

каб. 406    87014448408 Четверг 13.25-14.15
2 In the world of mathematical analysis  The circle is a complement and extension of the general course of mathematical analysis. The obtained knowledge will be useful in elective courses in areas of mathematical analysis, geometry, algebra, differential equations, the theory of measure and integration, functional analysis.  Department of Fundamental Mathematics

Абдуахитова Г.Е., Сарсекеева А.C.,

Воронкова Е.Н. 

 Room 411  16.00-17.00 on Fridays 
3 Algebra At our faculty we have the circle of "Algebra", where students learn the basics of algebra, which teaches logical thinking, disciplined thinking, fosters concentration, develops memory. The challenges facing the circle are diverse: a) Educational - broadens the mind, adds knowledge, stimulates mental activity of the student. Teaches guided by plane, trains logical thinking and memory, observation, attention, etc .; b) educative - the student develops perseverance, endurance, will, serenity, confidence in their own backyard, persistent nature; c) aesthetic - solving problems in algebra, a student living in a world of transformations of ordinary objects in the magic, the beauty of mathematical laws gave him real pleasure, and the ability to find the extraordinary in the ordinary, enriches their imagination, brings aesthetic pleasure, makes admire the queen of sciences; Department of Fundamental Mathematics

Perdebek Dosanbay, Assylbek Issakhov,

Zhuldyz Talasbaeva  

cab. 406, 414, tel. +7(727) 221-15-68 every Saturday, 07.30-09.30
4 Theory of Probability and Mathematical Statistics  The study additional sections of probability theory and mathematical statistics. Securing traversed sections. Department of Fundamental Mathematics   Kovaleva I.; Arenbaev N.; Berikhanova M.; Zhumanova L.  room 414, tel. 2211568      Saturday, 17.00