Submission of documents

Admission to the school of children of 8-11-graders on a competitive basis according to the results of entrance examinations. 

For the entrance examination the Head of school approves the committee of three teachers: for socio-humanitarian and natural-mathematical areas, as well as the educational psychologist.

To take part in the contest you must deliver the following documents:

1) an application of the parent / s (or persons substituting them);

2) a copy of birth certificate / identity card;

3) a copy of identity card of the parent / s (or persons substituting them);

4) an address reference from the Service Centre for the child and for one parent (or persons substituting them);

5) medical documents: passport of Child Health, medical information form 063, a snapshot of X-Ray;

6) certificate of basic secondary education (original);

7) report card and student’s characteristics from 1 to 10 classes;

8) student’s portfolio (certificates, diplomas, certificates and other documents about achievements)

9) 3x4 pictures - 6 pcs.

Entrance exams consist of two stages: 1 testing 2 interview.

For 8-9th grade: testing is carried out at the rate of learning of mathematics and language (Russian or Kazakh languages) in the amount of curriculum of 5 - 9 classes and logical questions

For the 10-11 th grade: testing is carried out at the rate of learning of mathematics and language (Russian or Kazakh languages) in curriculum of 5 - 10 classes and logical questions.

Number of test tasks in each subject - 25. The correct answer to each test task is estimated by 1 point. On test is given 90 minutes.

The interview is conducted in the form of psycho-analytical tests, questionnaires, which determines the student's inclination to the profile of learning and perception of the material.

The competition is held on the basis of points, received on the results of entrance examinations in the form of testing, conducted by the School and the conclusion of the teacher-psychologist after the interview.

According to the results of the competition the committee directs the School lists of pupils who obtain a threshold level and who is eligible to be enrolled in school.

With parents (other legal representatives) students who passed the entrance exams and scored threshold level, the School concludes a contract for the provision of educational services in 2 copies.

After signing the contract for the provision of educational services, an order is issued, approved by the Rector of the enrollment.

The documents referred to in paragraph 2.3 of this Regulation, students take a personal matter with annual notes, certified by educational institutions. In the case of . reception of the students, during the school year, students take the extract on the current levels on all the subjects, certified with the seal of the educational institution, and 1 copy of the contract the provision of educational services.