About school

Since 2011 The profile school has been operating at Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi for pupils of 10-11 grades for the natural-mathematical, social and humanitarian areas.

On the 21 of October, 2011 KazNU received a state license for educational activity of basic secondary and general secondary education, issued by the Department of Economy and Budget Planning of Almaty for the number 0163130 Series AA-5, was officially opened the profile school of KazNU named after al- Farabi on socio-humanitarian and social and humanitarian areas.

The Profile School is a new model of realization of profile education with complex use of integrated educational programs, credit technology, in-depth training courses in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, English language and other areas.

The Profile School is a unique testing ground for the introduction of the latest technology teaching and social work, implementing the work on professional orientation of students in the chosen field of activity.


The Profile School deepens and expands the scope of the existing profile courses, forms the stable interest of students, involve them in the scientific research activities.