"SFERA" International Volunteer Camp

International Volunteer Camp

What does it mean international voluntary camp?

International volunteer camp (workcamp) is a short-term social project, usually 2 to 3 weeks in almost any country in the world. The project team consists of 10-20 volunteers from different countries, not more than 2 representatives from each country. Participation in the volunteer camp is a unique opportunity to learn about other countries, their cultures and also spend your time with benefit for yourself and others!

How much does it cost?

The organization provides:

  • accommodation and meals for participants;
  • some cultural programs;

What’s volunteer pays by they own, it’s:

  • ticket;
  • visa;
  • the fee for participation in a short-term project from 35000 Tg.;
  • additional fee (in some projects), which you pay when you get there.

Why do you need volunteer camp?

  • valuable work experience in an international team;
  • language practice;
  • contribution to the development of the local community;
  • having friends all around world ;
  • opportunity to see the country "from the inside";
  • self-realization.

Who can participate?


18+ Most of the projects will be open to participants aged 18 to 100 years. In the description of each project, there are age restrictions that you must pay attention. It is because, sometimes you can find projects for volunteers from 16 to 26 years (Germany, France, Austria).

15+ projects for teenagers at the age from 14/15 to 17 years (labeled a TEEN). In such projects usually there is an additional fee that usually covers the cost of the cultural programs.

Family You can participate in the volunteer camp with your whole family. For this basis, you need to look for projects marked FAMILY CAMP. These programs are open to participants with children under 14 years.

What to do during the project?

During volunteer project, participants will work for 4-6 hours a day 5 days a week. The rest of their time, they can travel around country and interact with the locals.

The work can be quite different: the preparation of the festival, the reconstruction of buildings, work with children and the elderly, environmental protection, "care bears", etc. The database can select the project by type of work (for example, FEST - work at the festival..AGRI - agriculture, ENVI - environment).

You are Welcome, join us and discover the amazing world of international volunteering!

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