Social educational work





At the Faculty of chemistry and chemical technology, about 50 curator-advisors are engaged in social and educational work. Together with students, they organize social and educational activities, monitor student performance and maintain relationships with parents on an ongoing basis.

The faculty holds events on social projects adopted at the university level “Brighten of corner”, “100 books”, “Cult of a healthy body”, “Greencampus”.

Several self-governing student organizations work at the faculty. The main goal of student public organizations is to promote self-knowledge, mutual respect and friendship among students, and to mobilize their opportunities for the community.

The Student Office of the Bologna Process is working to strengthen the Bologna Process. The mission of the organization is to support students in the learning process and focus on protecting the interests and rights of students.

The Scientific Student Society unites students-volunteers who are engaged in scientific research. The purpose of the organization is to demonstrate and develop the scientific activity of the faculty, research work and innovative projects of students at the university, state and international levels.

The Trade Union Organization of Students “Sunkar” acts on the basis of a collective agreement as a student protection organization. The main direction of the organization is social support for orphans, students from low-income families, invalids, dispensary registration, protection of students’ rights. The student union provides financial support to students who need money at their own expense, financial support for various cultural and sporting events held at the university.

The main goal of the Youth Wing “ZhasOtan” is participation in the organization and holding of all events at the university dedicated to the implementation of the state youth policy, the representation of the university at city, republican, socio-political and cultural events, close cooperation with the Youth Wing “ZhasOtan” in the PDP “NurOtan”, Youth Congress, other public organizations, as well as coordination of activities of public organizations of the university in this direction.

The main goal of Student Maslikhat is the harmonious development of the civic role and responsibilities of university students, as well as their patriotic upbringing. Promotes the implementation of various projects at the university and city level.

The main goal of the Voluntary Student Organization “Komek” is social assistance to orphans, students from low-income families, disabled people, as well as to students who are registered at the dispensary. The organization holds various charity fairs and the collected money is given as a material aid to needy students.




The purpose of educational work:

formation active civil and vital position at students

The big role of educational work of students to be taken away to curators-edvajzeram. Curators-edvajzery - the academic instructors of students assisting in a choice of an educational trajectory. They supervises communication between the manager of university – faculty with students. Are weekly spent kuratorsko-edvajzerskie hours on various themes interesting students. At faculty also there is a council of curators-edvajzerov, under the chairmanship of the assistant to the dean on educational work. By means of curators-edvajzerov of faculty educational and study promotes formation of personal qualities of students-chemists.

The hostel №13 chemical faculties meets the modern requirements of residing. With a view of the decision of all spectrum of problems of the students living in hostels, the special body of student's self-management – hostel student council operates. Watch of teachers is spent to a hostel. Besides watch by teachers facultative employment and actions will be organized. Also, each semester faculty chairs spend days of "Open doors».