The scientific directions of the Faculty of Oriental Studies include a wide range of issues of linguistics and literary criticism, history and current trends in the economic and political development of the Arab countries, Turkey, Iran, India, China, Korea and Japan. The interests of researchers touch upon the pressing problems of the countries of the East in comparison with similar aspects of Kazakhstan.
Professors of the departments are permanent participants of university, republican and international scientific-methodical conferences, symposiums and seminars.
The traditional university student scientific conference "World of Science", held in April, gives students the opportunity to get their first scientific experience.
Our students are active participants, and often winners of the republican and international conferences held by the embassies.
The financial support of the research work of the faculty is mainly carried out through grants from various foreign funds of the countries of the East, as well as grants from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan at the individual level.
Communication with scientific organizations of ministries and departments - the implementation of joint programs, the introduction of research results is carried out through the constant exchange of information on existing scientific programs, projects carried out by scientific organizations, ministries and departments.
The structure and content of the thematic plan for the research work of the faculty were built according to the individual scientific plans of the PPS departments. For the reporting year, all departments carried out research:

in the sphere of history, culture, politics, economy of the countries of the East:

- questions of history;
- Actual problems of international relations;
- features of internal political development;
- economic cooperation and regional integration;
- Issues of regional ethnography and ethnology;
- religion and philosophy of the eastern countries;
- source study and historiography of modern oriental studies;
- cultural heritage;
- intercultural interaction of the countries of the East;

in the field of linguistics and literary criticism:

- features of the historical development of literature in the countries of the East;
- a scientific analysis of the literary heritage of well-known writers and poets of the East;
- research of literary monuments of the countries of the East;
- features of literary genres of the countries of the East;
- Analysis of the relationship of Kazakh literature with the literature of Eastern countries;
- features of Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Farsi, Urdu, Turkish;
- the place of Oriental languages ​​in linguistics;
- Comparative analysis of Kazakh and Oriental languages.

in the field of linguistics:

- Features of the study of Hindi, Farsi, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Turkish;
- identification of the place and role of Eastern languages ​​in the general field of linguistics;
- study of features of the eastern languages.