Social educational work

Educational work of faculty of journalism

The education purpose: formation and development of qualities of the person on the basis of the moral values, directed on formation of an active vital position.

The primary goals of educational activity:

• Formation at students of interpersonal relations, tolerances, skills of self-education and versatile development of their creative abilities.

• Creation of conditions for physical, intellectual, moral and spiritual development of students.

• Increase of social activity of students, their independence and responsibility in the organization of life of student's collective and society.

• Development of the general culture of students through familiarizing with national culture, customs and traditions.

On the basis of these problems at journalism faculty different cultural events such as are regularly spent: creativity-patriotic evening «My Native land», student's evening «I am a student KazNU», dedication «From the Future – To the Future», annual traditional festival among students «The White Feather» review among students «The Professional Journalist», «The Way of the Journalist», and also meetings with art workers, societies, sciences.