Internship master students at the Berlin Technical University


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Master students of the Department of Mechanics of the Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty of the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University (24 Master students in total) have completed overseas internships at the Technical University of Berlin (Berlin, Germany) under the International Space School program.

For ten days, lectures of leading professors and specialists of advanced universities attended (Professor Nicolas Rambaux, Professor Galaiko D., Professor M. Orlov, Professor Klaus Briess). Lectures were very informative, informative and helpful. The topics of the lectures covered a wide range of issues: Review of Satellite Systems, introduction on STK, celestial Mechanics and Space Dynamics,  satellite Subsystems, system verification, fundamentals of ground data processing, attitude and control system for nanosatellite, design nanosatellites methodology, global sustainable innovation and creative thinking with TRIZ.

Undergraduates learned a lot about the trajectory of technology development and their interaction with production and business. They participated in a master class on the modern Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ) by Professor Orlov M. A. They listened to all the lectures planned for the program, and at the end of the training received certificates confirming the internship, as well as a novice engineer certificate for participating in a master class on modern TRIZ.

The internship program of the school included an important introductory part: excursions were conducted by the German Aerospace Center DLR in Neustrelitz, Germany. During the tour, aerospace center specialists told about the satellites that are in the center. They talked about remote sensing for maritime situational awareness, about the center of ionospheric monitoring and forecasting, about the safety and accuracy of navigation at sea.

During the internship period the undergraduates also visited local sights. We visited the Reichstag building, visited the Brandenburg Gate.