Students of the Department of Mechanics became scholarship holders of the Public Association “Taiburyl”


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In November 2018, the Public Association “Taiburyl” announced the contest “Internship from JSC Development Bank of Kazakhstan” under the program “Education Support”.

The purpose of the competition is to support talented graduates and students of technical specialties of the country, raising the status of vocational education.

The competition was attended by graduates and students of universities in the country enrolled in technical specialties. As a result, 15 students became steppends of the Taiburyl Public Union !. Among them are students of the specialty "Space technology and technology" of the Department of Mechanics Roland Pilpani (4th year) and Esenzhol Margulan (master student, 1st year).

According to the information posted on the website , the winners will receive monthly scholarships for 6 months for the period of internship in the advanced production companies of the Republic of Kazakhstan.