Fascinating Mech-Math


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On February 22, 2019, the Student Council of the dormitory No. 6, together with the Department of Fundamental Mathematics, organized an event called “Fascinating Mech-Math!”. The event was attended by 5 teams of students of the 1st course of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics. Teams of the departments of differential equations, fundamental mathematics, mathematical and computer modeling and two teams of the department of mechanics competed. One of them is the team of the specialty “Mechanics”, and the second is the team of students with the specialty “Robotic systems”, which opened under a new educational program in this academic year.

This event consisted of four stages:

  1. team presentation, specialty;
  2. play the characters in the movie;
  3. question-answer;
  4. the job in the form of a game.

The result of this event, which allowed students to show themselves creatively, was as follows:

  • 1st place - - the team «Robotech» (Department of Mechanics)
  • 2nd place - the team "Mechanic" (Department of Mechanics)
  • 3rd place - the team "Fundamental Mathematics" (Department of Fundamental Mathematics).