History of "Parasat" Trade Union

The history of trade union begins with 1959. Then the local committee was organized workers KSU them. Kirov. At various times, the union was headed by K. Urgenshbaev (1959), JG Bassin (1961), VK Sidorov (1963), EM Schwartzman (1967), SZ Narmatov (1971), RK Utekesheva (1979), TM Turekhanov (1981), TZ Akhmetov (1991), LS Akhmetov (1993), GV Vinokourov (2000), MT Mukasheva (2002), Charles A. Amirbekov (2008). At the election conference of trade union Parasat workers al-Farabi Kazakh National University 15 February 2011 the chairman of the trade union has been selected TK Mekebaev.
For the first time union workers of the Kazakh National University named after al-Farabi as an independent public organization with its own Charter has been registered in Almaty City Department of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan, March 11, 1994.
February 19, 2009 the extraordinary conference of trade union Parasat, which adopted the new Statutes and Regulations on the activities of trade unions in accordance with new laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and also approved the new composition of the trade union. Thus, the trade union, through its work in education and in other industries, is based on the Constitution, laws and the Constitution.
In September 2016, was registered by a new collective agreement between trade union committee and the administration of the university. The significance of the new collective agreement is that the scope of its regulation expanded.